Monday , May 17 2021

Watch NYE Moment – Hollywood Life

Happy New Year to Everyone except the umbrella that was naughty attacked by Chrissy Teigen! The poor Chrissy in 2019 began to roughly start after being shot in the face, but … it's pretty funny. See how it goes down here!

We have less than an hour in the new year, and we already have the best mem since 2019. Chrissy Teigen while she was trying to embrace her face Leslie Jones! So Chrissy had fun while he was a host NBC's New Year show with Carson Daly and Leslie. Everything was terrible! But as the clock passed by midnight, all hell was lost. We are dramatic, but still. As you can see in the lower video, Chrissy is trying to hug and kiss to celebrate the fall of the ball Saturday night live star. A Difficult Problem: Leslie, who is much older than Chrissy, leans on the hug and hits Chrissy in the face. Luckily for us, Leslie's umbrella is clear so we can see Chrissy's expression in the sling. It. Is. Incredible. Look down, in real time and slow down.

God, that's just … so funny. Do not misunderstand; we feel bad about Chrissy and Leslie because of all the wizards he's likely to get, but we're really grateful for the current contents of the memo we've got. It may be amazing in 2019! It is time to add a gif of this event to the Chrissy Teigen Reaction map, along with her Oscars struggling, and she has completely slept during her husband, John LegendPerformance on the same Oscars. We love her so much. This may have time hit the palm frond while you are trying to take selfie with Jen Atkin, which she used to call "insurance fraud".

Other moments from really spectacular New Year included Christina Aguilera pulled out of his biggest hits while wearing that needle Movie Lizzie McGuire. New children in the quarters they danced in the shower and could not slip, and Dua Lipa bring the reality of a skater as they sing "New Rules" in Hollywood. What an amazing night!

For all the best photos of New Year's Eve, check out our gallery HERE! We can not promise you will love something more than this Chrissy Post, but the pictures are still pretty cool!

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