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We know who you are – surrender, the police in Toronto say the woman took a chair out of the apartment

Officials in Toronto say they know the identity of a woman caught in the video throwing a chair from the top floor of the building in the city center, but she does not know exactly where she is and wants to be surrendered.

The police received "a significant amount of information" from the public that helped policemen identify the identity of a woman, Const. David Hopkinson of the Toronto Police Department said on Tuesday

He refused to announce the name or age of the woman, but said CBC Toronto: "We are in the middle of contact with her and gave her a chance to consult with a lawyer and fall away."

Hopkinson confirmed that the police had talked to a woman or to someone who was her representative.

The police believe that the incident with the throwing of the chair came on Saturday at about 10 am on an apartment in Harbor and York, overlooking the Gardiner and Bulevar lakeside highway. It was shot on a video and released in social media on Monday.

The table that was thrown across the balcony was seen to flicker in the wind as it descends towards the highway. (Lisa Calderon / Facebook)

Hopkinson said that the two chairs, among other things, were thrown across the balcony. Police also ask for a person who has recorded a chair.

There was anger about the possibility that some items were thrown or injured, because the motorway was just below.

Hopkinson said Sunday he had a copy of the video, and the police began investigating on Monday.

Cases that police say were thrown from a "very tall floor" in the building landed in front of the apartment, police said in a statement.

The police said the woman was wanted for a riot investigation, but Hopkinson refused to say which accusations could be faced.

A video posted on Facebook's weekend featuring a "Good Morning" shows a woman dressed in black, peering over the balcony, then throws a folding chair on the Gardiner and Bulevar highway lakes below.

Police announced on Monday a photograph of a woman, who she says was in her twenties.

The police said the incident had caused dozens of calls.

"People can now stop calling," Hopkinson said.

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