Wednesday , July 28 2021

What happened to Carmelo Anthony?

Carmelo Anthony.
Photo: Ed Ornelas / Getty Images

Shortly after New York Knicks traded Carmelo Anthony in February 2011 – after a month of switching to negotiations, they finally led them to scrap all their levers and drop away far more in the store than they needed – I received a call from someone from Anthony's management team, wondering if I should talk to Carmel about Red Hook West housing projects where she was born and raised. Later that day, I received four different phone calls from four different people without a short order, all of whom were recruited by Knicks, plotting me to set up interviews without their contribution, asking me who I was talking to, singing about Carmel's "people" Always on the road . This led to another week of lengthy discussions on who told who. When I finally met Carmelo, I jokingly wondered how cutting through the people who stood in front of him was as difficult as getting an interview with the president. He looked totally confused. He had no idea what I was talking about, and it seems that none of the people I spoke to know. He just shrugged. "Dude, people just mumble here, mostly funny, just playing basketball, you know B."

Carmelo Anthony, a rescuer of the Knicks franchise, is now just a broken old basketball player nobody wants anymore. Just after the season in a complementary role in Oklahoma City, Anthony will soon be rejected by Houston Rockets – a team that came to one of the wins of the fallen Golden State Warriors last year's play, but this year with Carmel, he started 5 -7. Carmelo was supposed to be their last piece; it looks like they will not even make 13 matches. There is a possibility that his old fellow LeBron James can throw his bones and lead Anthony to his Lakers for a minimum contract, but this is as slow as any other in the last NBA memory. After a legendary, first-season winning at the college, Anthony arrived at the NBA, it seems as safe as the Hall of Fame role as they come. He was now erased from him as insecure as he could be a player. What happened?

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