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Why the royal family does not open today Christmas

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Chris Jackson / Getty Images

December 25, people around the globe celebrate Christmas with their family traditions. Every family feels a little different, and many tradition go by for countless generations.

The Royal Family is no exception to the rules. They also celebrate the feast in the same way as the rest of the world … with a few exceptions, of course. Many are curious about why the royal family does not open gifts on Christmas.

Why a royal family does not open Christmas presents

The royal family exchanges their gifts to the Christmas Eve at tea time, instead of the Christmas morning. This royal family tradition began with King George (the father of Queen Elizabeth II), who is of German origin. In Germany, the gifts are open to the Christmas Eve.

Where does the royal family celebrate Christmas?

The Royal Family celebrates Christmas at Queen's Residency in Sandringham. The Queen arrives earlier than the rest of the family (December 19th or 20th) to oversee the preparations. The rest of the royal family arrives in the morning or early afternoon of Christmas evenings. This includes the children, grandchildren and newcomers of Queen Elizabeth, as well as extended family members.

What is a royal family doing at the Christmas Eve?

Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton Was Scarff – WPA Pool / Getty Images)

In addition to exchange of gifts, the royal family enjoys each other at the Christmas Eve. It lasts for a long time that the holidays are for the royal family to be together without the weight of the world (or the United Kingdom, anyway) on their shoulders.

What is a royal family doing on Christmas?

Christmas is busy for the royal family. After a hearty breakfast, they attend church service at Saint Mary Magdalene in Sandringham. When the service is over, they return home for a traditional feast.

Queen Elizabeth II gives her annual Christmas message to the UK and the Commonwealth Kingdom, which is broadcast over television. The rest of the royal family is watching her speak. In the evening, everyone enjoys meals in the form of meals, before resting for the night.

What is a royal family eating for a Christmas meal?

Sources say the royal family always had the same Christmas meal as everyone can remember. It never changes. Shrimp or lobster salad is baked with roasted turkey, pasta, apricots and carrots. Christmas pudding with olive salad serves for dessert.

What other annual traditions has a royal family?

Queen Elizabeth and her corgis Queen Elizabeth II and her corgis | The Royal Family Through Facebook

The queen and her husband traditionally send over 750 Christmas greeting cards and also buy a special Christmas pudding for all their household members (counting in hundreds). The card contains a family photo with which we are delighted to inform everyone, including beloved (and cute) Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen donates donations to various charities around Sandringham, and she also gives a few Christmas trees. It is also time for all royal families to show their gratitude to those who serve them throughout the rest of the year.

What is different this year?

Although the royal family (and especially Queen Elisabeth) does not usually fall short of tradition, this year promises to be a bit different. Despite the strict "only family" policy on private holiday events, rumors say the Queen has extended the call to Meghan Markle's mother, Doria Ragland.

Surprisingly, neither Kate Middleton was allowed to attend her before, and Prince William officially married. Last year, when he was only engaged in Prince Harry, he called Marklea – thus interrupting the tradition once more.

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