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Worthplaying | For The King & # 39; (ALL) Free in deep DLC next week

A mix of challenging blend of strategy, fight against JRPG and elements like horsemen, For the King there is also the experience of a player, as well as the ability to participate in online and local co-operation. Located in the magnificent Hexagonal Kingdom of Fahrul, players must strategically explore and fight through a fairy-tale, low-school landscape in an attempt to discover and survive in order not to succumb to death.

Once a peaceful kingdom, Fahrul is in chaos – The king is dead, killed by an unknown attacker. Without any remedy to turn around and stretch out of its resources, the Queen desperately called on the citizens of the earth to stand up and help stop the tide of imminent destruction. IN For the King, players can choose to create an improvised party, divide it by covering more soil or sticking to protection. Sound strategy can mean the difference between life and death.

This exciting chapter on new stories focuses on the vast ocean of Fahrul. With incredible sea battles, terrible enemies, terrible ships and much more, In depth will keep the players entertained well after the tattoo is running dry.

IN In depth, players are facing Fishfolk. Following further investigation, it becomes clear that Fishfolk is trying to invoke God Kraken, their terrifying deity that will flood the world and swallow survivors. Players must explore the oceans and the islands of Fahrul, finding and destroying the source of Kraken's Divine Power, buried deep in the many water temples across the sea. With 9 new types of enemies, new weapons, 4 variants of the ship, new enemies and friendly NPC encounters, new clothes, weapons and jewelery, In depth is a tremendously new journey into the undisturbed sea for the fearless adventurer Fahrul. And of course, there's one thing the pirate never travels without the sea … We're introducing a whole new class of weapons, Guns! Now the players can take the enemies of armed Blunderbuss, Musket or Hand Cannon.

"In depth is a huge addition For the King"That's something we were really excited about," said Gordon Moran of IronOak Games. "Everyone in the studio wants to be a pirate, but it would not last long in the ocean, so instead of creating our classical stories that we they used to read as children. We hope you all enjoy the game as much as we did. "

"In depth is an amazing new adventure, added free, on For the King the universe, "said George Morgan, Product Manager at Curve Digital." It extends to sea-based battles, based on land-based content that is already very fond of For the KingThere is a great surprise waiting for those who brave the sea, but make sure that your ship is challenged! "

In depth will run as a free update next week on Wednesday, November 21st.

Each reproduction is unique with procedural maps, tasks, and events. Players must brave unmerciful elements, fight against evil creatures, sail the sea and break into the dark underground world. A brutal fighting with rotation takes place through a unique attack and special abilities system, while the plants can gather to cure wounds and cure maladies. Safe camps protect you from the horror that comes at night, but players have to remember, they do not make for riches or fame, but for their own village and for their area. For the King!

Vancouver, Canada, IronOak Games, was established in 2015 by an industry veteran team who previously worked on titles such as Sleeping Dogs, Dead Rising and Need For Speed. Encouraged by the desire to create the game they wanted to play, the founders left their day a special job For the King – and this passion and love have helped make the game become a huge kickstarter in 2015, before going to enjoy the success of Steam Early Access 2017.

For the King is currently available on the PC (Steam) for $ 19.99 / € 15.49 / £ 19.99, with versions of the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch scheduled for early 2019.

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