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WrestleMania 35 – Review, full results with results and video spots

The road to WrestleMania 35 was the biggest hit-and-miss build on Mania we can remember, which was thrown up the various card game from the history of making the main event.

You can join us in reviewing each single match, including full performance results and all video excerpts.

The full two-hour Kick Off show is available for viewing in full for free on YouTube below.

Match 1 – WWE Heavyweight Championships: Buddy Murphy (c) vs Tony Nese

Buddy Murphy runs hard with his knees and misses the bell. Tony If it hurts before Murphy hits a big boom and things go out. Murphy gets Nesea on her shoulder on the other tape and does some damage before grounding and tilting.

Murphy fails to hit DDT, and if he turns over to the suplex RIGHT in the turnbuckle, and does not have it. If it gets Murphy in rope, moonsaults and connects completely for two and a little. Murphy returns with a supermanship of power and power for himself.

If he dismisses Murphy's lawsuit in a collection for two. Murphy exits before you hit the reverse of hurricane but fails to get the cover. Further exchange of heavy blows. Murphy hit the laundry rope, but Nese again for two.

If you hit the outside, then turn off the rope for two people and change. Murphy looks beaten but knee in Murphy's law, ONE … TWO … If he has a foot on the rope!

Murphy kneels knee and kills Nessa's knees, but if he is avoiding it! Superkick, suplex in the band, running your knees own and ONE, TWO AND THREE.

WINNERS AND NEW WWE Weightlifters: Tony Nese


Not flipfest 205 Live is known (not always fair) but is a clever, sharp opening for WrestleMania 35. It's not a total show-stealer from any part of imagination, but Two solid guys have a super-solid match for their debut at WrestleMania, and Tony Nese finishes more than winning a winner. Minimum scale to reach the remainder of the card

Match 2 – WrestleMania Ladies' Battle Royal

The ring was filled before Naomi, and then the recent SmackDown champion Asuka got their own entrances. Nikki Cross fights and grabs all the attention and it starts. Maria Kanellis goes in early. Candice LeRae and Nikki Cross have a battle before Nikki and Asuka face it.

Asuka then attacked Nikki Cross and Candice LeRae before Naomi and Ember Moon occupied the center. The man removes Naomi and survives Mandy Rose's attack before Sonya Deville gets on the apron, but she survives.

The moon descends to the top of the rope and Lana is eliminated in the choir of boos. Kairi Sane wins several big balls on Ravishing Russias, but Lana responds with great strikes.

Kairi Sane goes up and Sarah Logan pushes her down, but not out. Sarah Logan and Lana are faced, and then join Riott and Lana team no longer. The healthy hits the elbow from the top of Sarah Logan and then is in danger, but again he plays with numbers and Riott Squad eliminates Pirate's princess.

Carmella is found in the plot of Riott's detachment, before Zelina Vega works and almost pays the price, but survives on the stand. Dana Brooke goes to Riott Squad but fights with fire. DAY BROOKS INCLUDES RUBY RIOTT AND LIV MORGAN!

She strikes in gymnastics, but Zelina Vega ends up being ridiculous. Mandy and Sonya Deville have eliminated the Vegu, then joined together to end the challenging challenge of Dana Brooke. Mickie James uses some old school skills and wonders that Mandy Rose put on the apron and then pulled it out. Mandy Rose is gone.

HERE ON THINGS: Sonya Deville, Asuka and Sarah Logan

Sonya goes first and then Logan throws Asuka … and Sarah Logan thinks he has won, but there are no bells!

Carmella has never been eliminated! Returns to the ring, but Logan looks better than her … Carmella holds the top rope and counters, and now Logan holds the other rope away! She is excluded, but she is in a difficult position … and Carmella hits a great super-shock for shock.

WINNER: Carmella


Amazing success with regard to the almost complete lack of real building that has entered it. There was not much story that went into it, but much is happening in the ring and maybe more out of it. Dana Brooke and Lana applauded some skepticists with great moments. We could have done something more than Nikki Cros and Mickie James, among other things, but the violent revival of Riott Squad and 2/3 of Absolution was more than welcome. The turn felt inevitable and we hope Carmella has made some great new enemies that will enter the future.

Match 3 – WWE Raw Team Tag: Revolution (c) (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) vs Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder

Curt Hawkins, who lost 269 games, begins with Scott Dawson, who patronizes him with a little fist in his face before Dash Wilder embraces the corner. Dawson takes Hawkins while Zack Ryder cries out a boost.

Ryder quickly marks and gets damages from Dawson, then Wilder. Ryder is gathering with & # 39; & # 39; but Revival helps each other avoid diving, with Ryder falling bad, and then the champions maltreated.

"Stay in your corner and lose as you do," says Wilder Hawkins, perhaps in the toughest hit so far. Revival switches to Ryder as well and properly. They've completely cut the Hawkins, that ring could only be half the size.

Zack Ryder hit a big double and came to Hawkins, but not. Dawson interrupts the mark and returns to violence from two to one and get two points. And at the last Zack, Rajder gets the ball and HAWKINS is in.

The hot tag is suitably fresh and gets a little cheer on both champions and gets backslide for two at Dawson before the second attempt. Wilder is eating a blow, and two more at Dawson. Big crash inside, then Ryder back, before another big crash outside.

Hawkins pulls Zack Ryder back so he can make a mark and get two on Dawson before Wilder takes it out. Hawkins eats Brainbuster from Dawson, who then pulls the opponent into the ring to win ten. We're going to Hawkins, a bunch of songs, but he seems to be gone.

Dawson plays with his opponent and then saves for p..NO! Hawkins has just played on the knockout and switch on the turn and ONE, TWO, THREE! IT'S THERE! STREAK IS HERE.



A fun ending and a relatively well-structured battle, although things in the middle have been very much withdrawn. Perhaps Dawson and Wilder might be more brutal at the center of the game … could they win that way? As things got something to eat, Hawkins finally got his label and after that he was a bit messy to the finals (non-all-shocking).

Match 4 – André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The ring is filled up before Saturday night liveMichal Che and Colin Jost get their own entrance as well as The Hardy Boyz. The long wait and then the Braun Strowman come in and enter SNL they seem to have made a big mistake.

Che and Jost slip out of the ring and below it. Lince Dorado, Curtis Axel, Tyler Breeze, EC3, Shelton Benjamin, Bo Dallas are thrown out as soon as you say "André".

The former family of Wyatt Harper and Braun Strowman are faced before they lose weight. Heath Slater is there, then Titus O 'Neill. (Mustafa) But looks impressive and throws No Way Jose.

Karl Anderson leaves, while Hardy Boyz eliminates Rhyno and things are slightly diluted. Bobby Roode, then Gran Metalik. Andrade throws Kalisto to end their little battle. Andrade looks fantastic.

Heavy machinery throws the Ascension. The Strowman then dispose of both heavy equipment. Harper and Ali on the rope. The strowman has Jinder Mahal and then ejects both from Harper and Ali.

Now they are Strowman, Hardyz, Apollo Crews and Andrade. Andrade is accidentally removed to get rid of the crews. Damned.

Then it was the Strowman with both Hardys on the apron. Che and Jost are back in the ring and try to help Hardys eliminate Strowman, but Strowman returns a blow and both Hardys no longer have.

Now it's Braun Strowman vs Michael Che and Colin Jost. Oh dear. Jost gets a microphone and says Braun Strowman "Braun, there are other solutions. It does not have to end all the violence …" invites his therapist to talk to Strowman through his anger.

Strowman calls the therapist and strikes him with his palm before casting him to Jost. Then he tells Michael Cheu to "get it". Shades Ghost busters maybe in the library? Che tries to leave, and Strowman stops him, and he reluctantly releases him with a little crawling to send him in the way.

Strowman tries to hit Jost with a big boom and miss! Strowman stuck his leg at the top and Jost tries to use it, but that does not happen. Strowman throws Jost into a bunch of superstars and that's it.

WINNER: Braun Strowman


That … was not very good, did not it? Not being a Saturday night observer certainly undermines someone's interest, but with 5 hours of WWETV watching who has time, huh? There were some nice moments here, but it did not feel like it was enough to pay it. And ended up with a little boring truth and he could not hold the candle at the Miz / Damien Sandow / Big Show end up at WrestleMania 31, say, or last year's Hardy / Wyatt union.

Match 5 – World Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Seth Rollins

After our introductory opening, Alex Bliss opens up things and introduces Hulk Hogan (hmmm) who is stupid bass before Paul Heyman hits and says that if his client is not the main one, he will not be near. He will have title defense NOW before going to Las Vegas where ULTIMATE (ly) is appreciated. Charged as a killer of titanic beast Seth Rollins fails to even reach the ring before eating a big knee from Lesnar.

And let's go! And outside the ring is F-5. Is this game officially started?! I guess it is. Uof, in the side of the ring. Then barricade. Corey Graves notices that no, the bell did not ring. Through the German desk. The sky.

Over another table. And finally in the ring. And Lesnar orders him to call the bell, but he does his job and checks if Seth is "sure to be okay." Obviously not okay! Lesnar throws rollins out of the ring. The match has not started yet! And across the second table in the German spikers.

Now through the table! Lesnar laughed. He dropped Seth back into the ring and asked for the bell again. And that's a crap! And we're actually excluded. Some big head on your chest. Suplex! Suplex! Michael Cole highlights the history of the last moments of WrestleMania 31. t

Suplex! Seth Rollins's back looks rough. For F-5! But Rollins rolls and pushes Lesnar into ref. And then a low blow! And Lesnar fled, but he did not see it. Striker. Seth finally gets it. But Rollins is too caught. Another blow! And others!


WINNER and NEW WWE Universal Champion: Seth Rollins

Judgment: A-

Purists can hate it, but it was really great. A lot of history goes into the match (and ends) everything from WrestleMania 31 to all those times Undertaker hit Brock Lesnar beneath the feeding belt in this pretty beautiful and definitely unexpected main show curtain-jerker that wrapped up his set of moments instantly oh so smooth.Brock Lesnar should start wearing a cup one of these days? But it is not today, and Seth Rollins found a chance to crush the crown jewels and steal the crown with three big rumblings.

Match 7. – AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton

Men are locked before AJ hits some big forearms, and Orton then tries anxiously early RKO. Orton strikes the styles with his thumb to the eye and uses the benefits of great blows and shakes, before a big smile, but AJ Styles cuts the blow.

The styles then hit the forearm on Orton's outside. Orton then finds and puts styles on the barricade. Orton gets Styles on the floor and slows things down. The AJ eventually shuts off and hits some big forearms and kickes her legs.

Styles get Orton's knees and then try to conflict styles, but this is not happening. Orton hints RKO, but instead strikes in powerslam. Styles react with some great blows, but now it favors their knees.

Orton gets styles on ropes, but he hesitates for too long and AJ slams him into the Crusher for canvases! It's not exactly the middle of the ring, and Orton spins and stretches and puts his arm on the rope. Orton's left leg is now damaged.

AJ hints the phenomenal forearm, Randy notices it and reads it for RKO, but Styles fakes it and Orton remains in his hand. Styles hit 450 for two. Back to the forearm, but Orton is rolling back and turning with the backbreaker.

Styles get ropes and Orton hits his head and gets AJ for Superplex. Up to the top he joins! The Orton cocoon is just fine for two. Huge openers from Orton, and then returned styles to ropes and this time linked with DDT.

He keys to RKO, but AK Styles puts him off with a massive kick, then Orton finally connects with RKO and one, two. KICKOUT! Orton gets Styles on top and goes for RKO from the top. Styles roam and strike in a big blow. Randy is out there and the ref starts counting. Styles rise up and finally hit the phenomenal forearm, but they also crack.

Styles rise to his feet and pull Orton into the ring. Preparing for the other forearm, he tried the RJO counter, but Styles refused Orton on the ropes, then hit once again with the phenomenal forearm. One two Three!


Judgment: C +

Perfectly good but far from big. Part of the problem was the lack of roles, despite the fact that both of them invested in this in the weeks preceding the big day. The match consisted of getting AJ Styles out of that RKO, but as he came to the game, he did not feel as massive as it should have been for some reason (despite the speculators telling how important the moment ), However, enough hard effort on the card and both AJ Styles and Randy Orton will feel like earning the right to look for something gold on Tuesday.

Match 7 – WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship: Usos (c) vs. Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro) vs Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev vs Ricochet and Aleister Black [Fatal Four-Way]

Jey Usso and Aleister Black are locked before Sheamus signs up Jey. Next Rusev and Black. Shinsuke and Rusev doubled their recent NXT call. Jimy Usso is included in Black. Here are nonsense.

Ricochet vs Nak now and tall fligher gets two Cesaro vs Ricochet. and Ricochet spins Cesaro and hits his head, but the big hatch ends with that kind of hinges. SWING TIME, while Rusev eats ten beats. Then Nak hit a few more beats. Then use Jey! Then black!

Ricochet continues to swing! The sky! Finally it was released. Sniper. Ricochet is suffering from pain and dizziness, but turns upwards and spins at the rope. Cesaro is held up and looks justly self-satisfied while Uso does not break it. Sheamus and another Use Conflict.

Rusev and Black are now legal. Black hits a big month for two before Nak finishes it. Rusev and Nakamura double team on Black. Nak goes for the needle, but Ricochet hits the Shooting Star Press to stop the cover.

Rusev shouts at Black, Ricochet joins the team's representative team, but for his failure eating a move from Bulgaria, Rusev gets frustrating two accounts and pulls his anger on a high flyer.

Now Ricochet and Sheamus are legitimate, but The Usos are involved, like Sheamus … and then Nak and Rusev … Ricochet turned from the top and everyone else fell! Ricochet on top of 630 at Sheamus. ONE. TWO. Damn close to everyone else in the ring.

Now it's Jey Uso against Sheaamus. There were exchanges and great shocks. Finals fly everywhere. Brogue Kick from Sheamus to Ricochet, then a pack of Uso Superkicks. Jey and Jimmy on the other side of the ring with the dead center of Sheamus. DOUBLE UCE and Usos did this.

Winners and still WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions: Usos (Jimmy and Jey Us0)

Verdict: B +

A super fun game, as expected, even if it did not steal the show because it occasionally threatened. With four team players in the game and the Fatal Four-Way clamp in power, everything was pretty busy, sometimes too tense. Several stunning moments of WrestleMania with this endless Cesare on Ricochet and that crazy superduperplex. Inevitably, he sometimes lost some cohesion, but he did a great job showing how strong this division was. Not even a little fair in Raw so expect to arrive on Monday / Tuesday.

Match 8 – Miz vs. Shane McMahon [Falls Count Anywhere]

After the incredible video package comes Shane McMahon, who presented (THREE PUTS) as the best in the world. Mazin's dad watches. The bell goes and Shane pulls the ring back into, then rains down the "classic" blows before returning the gain and ordering the ref to return the Miz up, before putting his hands on Miz's dad in the crowd. Bad form!

Shane-O-Mac exploits Miz's explosion with a number of shots and bumps of McMahon before casting Miz through the ropes. Shane wipes the announcement table and places Miz on it before Mizu hits the monitor. Ouch!

The lady looks cold. Shane-O-Mac goes to the top, and Miz's dad stands between McMahon and his son, removes the jacket and George is a human shield! Shane thinks better than jumping, smirk and falling. George is now entering the ring with Shane McMahon and raising his hands.

Shane seemed confused and least corrected dad in the fight against the dad, before he jumped into him and started his legs. Miz jumps up and enters the ring and gets the measure of revenge. He over and over brings Shane back to the barricade. And we're in the crowd.

The lady goes to the ring to check her daddy and asks for medical help for her cub, then returns to hitting McMahon amongst those places first before putting it in support of the LED set. She is trying to Finale Skull Crushing Finale, but she does not take it and he is eating DDT for her trouble. Miss Miz came out in two and finally dumped Shane-O-Mac in her head before knocking it out of her left knee and lifting her chair.

BANG with steel chair. Then over the back. Miz is now in control. And again over his back. In his thigh. In another, announce the table while crying "Holy shit." Internationals publish tables and a mess, and furniture goes everywhere. Then Shane goes through the table, Miz covers, but incredible McMahon runs out.

Miz gets some equipment and dismisses McMahon over the track on a trolley and then on a hard floor. Somehow again McMahon puts out two! They are now on the platform for the camera / sound. There are many scaffolds here that cause trouble everybody. Final Skull Crushing on the surface. But somehow Shane-O-Mac is out. Miz does not look frustrated, just incredulous. Shane is now scaling the scaffolds to escape Miz. They are very high now.

Shane-O-Mac apologizes as crazy and falls on his knees praying for mercy. Miz hesitates, but then the rain falls more and more, and threatens to throw it from the top. SUPERPLEX. DISCONNECT THE LATER ONE TIME. Both men crashed into one another on the platform, and Shane-O-Mac is on top of some of them!


Winner: Shane McMahon

Verdict: B +

It was quite ridiculous and fun as we hoped. Miz's father was a little too involved at times, and Mizini's early blows left many desires to be desired, but all of that was fed in that wonderful final line. Only by the end we realized how many people left (in every sense), and thatThe payout was just the right side of "Holy shit" and it was not unpleasant to frighten us that Shane-O-Mac would not succeed in reaching his 50th birthday.

Match 9 – WWE Women's Team Team Championship: Boss & # 39; N & # 39; Hug Connection (Sasha Banks and Bayley) vs Nia Jax and Tamina vs IIconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce) vs Beth Phoenix and Natalya [Fatal Four-Way]

Tamina retains Nia before the bell goes away. It starts with Bayley and Tamia. Tamina gets a ticket and a clean house, and then it's a crowd. Beth Pheonix and Natalya drive Nija to the steel stairs.

Banks and Bayley join Peyton Royce. Then the IIconics gather around Sasha Bank. Peyton gets cover for two, but Sasha gets a backslide for two and a big kick before tagging in Bayley for another double assimilation.

Beth Phoenix is ​​pointing to Peyton Royce, but he probably lacks what Bayely reveals the slider. Billie Kay marks the reluctant Bayley to get two at Beth. She marks Peyton, who this time gets two at Phoenix.

Then Phoenix returns to the duplicate suplex The IIconics, an inscription in Natalya for two at Billie Kaye before Bayely breaks down. Then it's Sasha vs Beth, but Bayley intervenes and everything ends up with the Banks lurking in the bank statement at Bethu in the middle of the ring. Beth appears in the Glam Slam attempt.

Sasha is pushing, but Natalya gets a label and tries to try Sharpshooter before Bayley switches on. Nattie throws Banks at Bayley and sets Double Sharpshooter on Champions! And she locks it, but Tamina breaks it with her foot in her face.

Nia and Tamina are looking to clean the house, and take Beth Phoenix, and then double the Samoan downfall of the two women of both women. They get a champion on the pod and exchange views. They go to the top but Beth inserts Nia on the floor and then the Nattie team to wear Tamia.

Sasha then exits the Divas of Doom on the outside before centering Beth and entering Bayley for the elbow. Sasha goes to the top for Frog Splash for two! They continue their attack, they go to the middle rope, but Natalya breaks it and puts Sasha on her shoulders to turn and fall.

Beth has a better Bayley and leads to the top for the massive Glam Slam, but The IIconics rides the ring and steals the needle!

WINNERS AND NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: IIconics (Peyton Royce and Billie Kay)

Judgment: B-

Even Messier than the WWE SmackDown Tag match, with less standout moments, but we'll run it full class for how well it ended up being done by IIconics. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay deserved this victory as they shared the opposition and contract well and took advantage of it. Of course, we could do it with a bit more finesse in the middle, but everyone pulled their weight in this to prove that creating these titles long ago.

Match 10 – WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan (c) vs Kofi Kingston

And here's the story of the WrestleMania season. Gomila sings as crazy for Kofi, nahuestani New Day. Daniel Bryan takes Kofi to the floor, but he can compete there as well as in the air. What Kofi has in Bryan's height is in the tough force. Kofi hit a big ball and dived into the ring.

In the background, damned close to every WWE Superstar in the dressing room knocks Kofi! D-Bry chatters with Rowan, dressed in style Night of the dead dead/ RAMONES T-Shirt (ROMERO – gettit?).

Bryan slows down again with an open and painful look. Kofi finally comes out and returns with some blows and his own aperquet. D-Bry is turning from a paddling to corner, but not doubled in the middle for two.

The boom drops after a new day, followed by an offside kick. Kofi goes on a big jump from the top, and D-Bry is avoided, and first returns to the announced backbone. Ouch! Bryan returns Kingston back in the middle and hits a big knee in the back. And others. and others.

Daniel Bryan takes control and gets Kofi over ropes for a series of strikes. He goes to the top and another knee back. Oh my. One, two, and half. The new day cries out to support their man, but Daniel Bryan does not. Again, the country and the pound, with a strong retreat and backstage, we see Nikki Cross and even more cheering on Kofia.

This waist slows down the game as long as Kofi does not get full and full of ten rounds. But Bryan gets a few knocks at Kofia in the corner. Kofi goes to the third, but Bryan counts the Boston Crab. It's not in the middle, and Kofi is nearby.

Bryan gets Kofi on top, but Kofi rejects him again. And again the last time with elbows. Kofi climbed to the top. First take your knees on your back, but that's good for just two. Rally. Boos for Bryan, knocks Kofia.

Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise, but Bryamn tries to ban Boston Crab. Then it was a quick swapping attempt. D-Bry fails to secure the LeBell lock, and Kofi is out. Serious Yes! Bryan moves and he runs to knee but Kofi turns into an attempt to fail, then SOS, but Bryan counts at LeBell's lock … in tight

Kofi tries to wriggle, but D-Bry rains his elbows toward his mouth. Kofi somehow raised his leg on the rope! D-Bry quickly releases the device. Get up and strike those No! strikes several times. Kofi still stands somehow and gets some of his blows.

Bryan gets in a shot, but Kofi goes out and hits a massive suplex for two! Outside Xavier and Woods ran straight to Rowan, but Kofi hit the trouble in the rain before the New Day was rolled over to hit Midnight Hour.

Kofi strikes to prevent suicide drive. Kofi tries trouble in the air, but Bryan is knocking off and knocking. One. TWO. KOFI OTVORI! Daniel Bryan now gasps Kofi to face repeated strikes. Once again in LeBell Lock. Kofi remains alive! New Day Rocks Singing Ring around MetLife Stadium and Kofi Certainly Somehow! He is now struck by D-Bryev's face.

Problems in the rays! ONE. TWO. THREE!




Judgment: A

This match was not the main event, but it felt like the heart of WrestleMania 35 and lived at night. One of the longer games on the card, she took advantage of every minute and everything felt good. Certainly the destination at the beginning was obviously obvious, but there was always a feeling that it could go in both directions until the last stroke hit. One of those moments of all time.

Game 11 – WWE US Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio comes into this with several injury problems, and Samoa Joe seems to take advantage of early wins, but returns quickly from 619.

It does not make it much good though as Joe locks in the Coquin clutch. Rey passes in seconds and that's it!

WINNER and STILL WWE Champion of the United States: Samoa Joe

Verdict: ¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

Siroti Rey. Bringing the injury that came into this, he looked at how fast he would go, but Joe just crashed. There is not much to say here, but let's hope that Joe can do something more than the last few US champions to lift that band and get a moment on any show that ends after an inevitable earthquake.

12. Match – Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre

Like WrestleMania 33, this is charged as "who is this shipyard?" Drew McIntyre is a stronger companion of Deadman these days. Big entrances to both men, and we go, with the Romans, starting with the huge sluts and the Samoan cap.

Two massive boys falling apart, and Drew gets two points. Follow it with chopping and head and lacquer. Reigns avoids the head on the apron and strikes the foot and the foot. McIntyre responds with another massive head.

Scotch throws the RR over the ring for two and then keeps it in the shoulder. Reigns comes out and gets McIntyre on the apron and turns it off with a napkin. He goes to the run, but McIntyre pulls back and responds to the stroke of shock, then Suplex on the floor.

McIntyre connects with Alabama Slam for two and a half. Then up the top of the tape. "You should say no!" vice. RR seems to have run away, but McIntyre puts it in. "This is for Ambrose!" screams McIntyre. RR hurts back, McIntyre responds. The rule strikes stronger! This time it is connected to the drive.

Samoan drop outs. Ref starts counting. Back in there. Reel arm from Reignsa. The swooping rap … goes for Superman Punch and misses the first time, but hits the other. SPEAR!

One. Two. THREE!

WINNER: Roman Reigns

Judgment: B-

The simple combination of two big boys who strike each other is harder and harder, harder and harder. Nothing more than the pride of the dice, and it seems strange to have Reigns so far away from the main event (or any gold, after all), but he did what he did not want to overcome his welcome. And it's good to see Reigns in a match with someone who does not need 24 Spears and twice as many Superman strokes just to stay down. Where to go with both guys will certainly be interesting.


Elias introduces her band. It's Elias many times more, and he's sweet in his thing when Babe Ruth's eyes break and then …




And he barks



This is actually happening

He kills five balls and FU



Match 13 – Triple H vs Batista [No Holds Barred]

Another great video package. HBK on comments. Incredible entrances. Hollywood Dave staring at Shawn. The big stinking Triple is all going Lud Max: Fury Road. They are eventually disconnected. Batista goes to HARD and FAST.

Excursions react in kind and expel Big Dave from the ring. Dave flings Traveling through the announcement table and men are arguing in the apron and barricades. Oof! Toolbox! From nowhere Dave takes one in Triple H (as it was). He pulled out the chain. That could be very nasty.

He Dave covers his back and door. Ouch! And again! Everyone wrapped around Batista's face and threw it in the steps and once again raised the chain. Some kind of model! On the fingers. Damn. Excursions are laughing.

Then it's in the chair. And take some pliers in your nose ring and pull it out of your nose! After all, Big Dave counts down and gets excursions on the table. Then into the barricade. Then on the announce table again. Then the barricade. Now it's Big Dave's turn to rain down blows with a chair.

Batista gets a cover for two back in the ring. And again. Triple H goes for a Pedigree but Dave counters for two. Back on the outside, Batista gets the steel steps and drives them into Triple H's face before placing them on the announce table, where he later flings Trips, Prone.

The cogs whirr. Dave goes on top of said steps, double thumbs down … Batista Bomb? Not! Triple H counts in a back body drop! Some writhing about, and SPEAR! From The Game, on The Animal. Ooof!

Back under the ring, Triple H gets Old Faithful, his trusty sledgehammer. But Batista hits a Spear! It's two more times. Now Batista has the sledgehammer, but Triple H hits a boot to the face and reclaims the weapon. Trips can not connect though and Big Dave hits a spinebuster.

He connects with a Batista Bomb, despite the Trips holding that sledgehammer! But Trips kicks out at two! Dave gets the steps in the ring. But he'll regret it as Triple H is the one who slams the animal down on the steps with a powerbomb, and then hits a Pedigree! They! Two! NO! Batista kicks out.

Again Trips tries and fails to connect with the sledgehammer, Batista hits DDT on the stairs! Both men down again. All of a sudden, Ric Flair clamps to the ring ring and passes Triple H to a sledgehammer, and then goes to Dave Batista to distract him from using his own weapon.

Trips finally connects with the hammer! Then a Pedigree! And that's it!

WINNER: Triple H

Verdict: C+

Some very good ideas in this, especially the brutally unpleasant opening, but it was just too long to be as enjoyable as it maybe could have been. With a combined age of 99 these two guys were hardly going to be flying all over the place, but there was a little bit too much writhing around on the ground for this stage in the evening , six hours into the night. That said, it was probably one of the better latter Triple H matches, and both men pulled out all the stops.

Match 14 – Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin [Farewell Match]

Fireworks! Is a match against Baron Corbin how Kurt Angle's career will really end? It's looking like it. Angle comes out fast and hits a big belly-to-belly suplex. He's still got (a bit of) it. Corbin sneaks around and uses his youth and speed to get an edge. This could get messy.

He's got Kurt's neck on the top rope and goes off the turnbuckle to capitalise, but Kurt dodges it and hits a trio of Germans to get two. He fails to hit an Angle Slam though and eats a big boot.

Kurt gets an Ankle Lock in, but Corbin powers out and hits a Deep Six. That's two and a half! Angle Slam connects! Corbin powers out once more. The straps are down…. Ankle Lock. He holds it, holds it, holds it. Corbin flips him over into the turnbuckle.

Baron does his best Cena Five Knuckle setup, but Angle hits another trio of German suplexes. He's going to the top rope! Oh my! Moonsault attempt, nbut Corbin dodges it. END OF DAYS.


WINNER: Baron Corbin

Verdict: B-

It may not have been the story that anyone wanted for Kurt Angle going into WrestleMania, but looking back it was the only one that made any real sense. Kurt didn't exactly turn back the clock 20 years, but he showed he could (just about) hang on in there for one last WrestleMania moment, going out on his back and on his own terms, after a final WWE run that few would have thought even remotely possible a couple of years back. Baron Corbin has to capitalise on this heat next week which might be harder than it seems.

Match 15 – WWE Intercontinental Championship: Bobby Lashley (c) (with Lio Rush) vs Finn Bálor

Bálor in Demon Form springs out the blocks with a flurry of kicks and clotheslines, a dive on to the outside, and Lio Rush scarpers. Lashley finally gets a moment to calm things down, and then hits a big fist. Standing suplex! And another!

Lashley drives Bálor into the barricade and high fives Lio Rush but he gets hit with a slingblade. Then Lashley is flung into the barricade, but after Rush distracts the Demon Lashley hits Bálor thorugh the ropes with a massive Spear. And another in the ring, but Finn kicks out.

And from nowhere, Balor powerbombs Bobby Lashley! And follows it up with a Coup de Grace and that's that.

WINNER and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Finn Bálor

Verdict: C+

Short, and relatively sweet. An odd story coming into this with the hot potatoing of the title between both men and the unveiling of The Demon late in the day for no particular reason. When it actually came down to it in the ring, Finn had the shock of a strong start but was pegged back. The Demon soon overpowered and snaffled up a quick win. What happens next for Finn is key.

Match 16 – WWE Raw Women's Championship & WWE SmackDown Championship: Ronda Rousey (c – R) vs Charlotte Flair (c – SD) vs Becky Lynch [Triple Threat – Winner Takes All]

The longest running story of WrestleMania season, and the one which has had the most twists and turns going into it. Some welcome, some not so much. Charlotte Flair is in a helicopter over Metlife Stadium (apparently), cradling her recently-won SmackDown Women's Championship. She makes her landing, and her exit, sauntering up to the Stadium.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts play in our Raw champ Ronda Rousey with her entrance music 'Bad Reputation', properly live, too (and it sounds pretty good, especially in a somewhat unforgiving surroundings).

Ronda stomps to the ring. She clearly doesn't give a damn about her bad reputation, does she? Charlotte follows. More fireworks. The splits. AND NOW IT'S THE MAN! BECKY LYNCH has a more lo-fi entrance than her competitors, but that's how she likes it.

And here we go. The bell goes and there's hesitation all round before Bex locks up with Ronda and Charlotte sits back. Becky ends up outside, then Rousey goes for Charlotte then back into Becky, then back to Charlotte. Then back to Becky!

Becky and Charlotte both get in some blows and Rousey is on her back at last. Charlotte goes back into the ring and soaks up the boos. Becky confronts her. They exchange blows before Charlotte ends the sparring with a kick to the knee. Charlotte goes for a Dis-Arm-Her, but Becky powers out.

Becky goes for the figure four but fails to connect. Ronda Rousey scuttles back in and ragdolls both women. Lynch and Fair team up to get her on the ropes, and Becky dropkicks Ronda out of the ring off the apron. HARD.

Now it's back to Bex and Charlotte. It's frantic stuff as Charlotte gets a cover for two. Charlotte settles into this. Charlotte goes for a Moonsault but Becky catches her and gets her in a Dis-Arm-Her but a returning Ronda breaks it up and gets Bex in an armbar before a knee from Charlotte breaks it up.

Charlotte goes for a double Natural Selection and tries to pin Becky then Ronda but it's only two apiece. Charlotte hits some Flair chops on Ronda but the ex-UFC champ soaks it up before hitting back with an elbow. Charlotte resists an armbar and counters into a crab, but Becky breaks it up.

Becky just about hits a double DDT on both women. She tries and fails to pin each woman in turn. She hits some big kicks on Charlotte but eats one in return. She responds with a trio of uppercuts and a headbutt, but Charlotte pushes back.

Charlotte goes to the top but Becky cuts her off and hits a Bexsploder from there. Ronda hits a double crossbody on both women but there's a double kickout. A double armbar, but Lynch and Flair join together to power out and hit not one, not two but three slams to the mat.

Then Charlotte suddenly tosses Bex and covers Ronda for two and a half! Becky now goes for Charlotte with some big kicks and gets her own cover for two. Now it's Becky and Ronda in the ring together.

Becky has Ronda in the Dis-Arm-Her in the middle of the ring! Ronda tries to roll out twice, three times, and eventually uses the ropes to power out. She runs towards Becky who dodges and Ronda is now trapped in the ropes and turnbuckle in an armbard,m but Charlotte breaks it up with a kick.

Charlotte hits a massive Spanish Fly off the top on Becky and gets two and three quarters, and seems to damage herself in the process. Charlotte then tosses Ronda, but Becky drags her off the Raw champ.

Charlotte smacks Becky into the turnbuckle and then out of the ring. Charlotte goes for Ronda's knee, which is bruised and cut to hell. She hits it on the ring pole and then around the pole. A Figure Four around the post that Becky breaks up.

Becky gets thrown into the barricade and its' back to Ronda and Charlotte. Flair has Ronda in the Figure Eight but Becky flies in to break it up. AND THEN BECKY GETS OUT A TABLE.

Lynch starts setting it up in the ring but Charlotte takes advantage and gets Becky on her own table briefly. Becky wriggles away. Ronda. Becky. Table. Ronda tosses the table. "Tables are for bitches," apparently.

She goes for Piper's Pit and but Flair breaks it up with a double spear. Another failed double pin attempt. Flair sets up the table. "I'll show you fake," she says smacking Rousey's head into the table. Charlotte gets another two on Becky.

Everyone running on fumes now, stumbling around the ring. Charlotte goes for another double Spear but Lynch and Rousey toss her through the table. They look to each other,hate in their eyes. They both punch wildly, Rousey flies in with a knee and gets Lynch up on her shoulders, with some help from teh ropes. Piper's Pit, but Charlotte Flair reverses it! ONE, TWO, THREE!


On the replay it looks like Rousey may have had a shoulder up halfway through that pin attempt… she's livid!

WINNER and NEW WWE Raw Women's Champion and NEW WWE SmackDown Women's Champion: Becky Lynch

Verdict: A-

Like all the best Triple Threat matches this was a frantic affair from beginning to end, punctuated with great one-on-one segments as each competitor was sequentially put out of action, as well as those two-on-on moments (and one-on-two attempts). Becky Lynch had just that bit more than either of the champs at the last, though Ronda Rousey can have a fair argument with the ref's decisionmaking right at the end. It looked to us like she shuffled her shoulder up midway through that pincount, and that sense of confusion does unfortunately take way from the moment of glory – for Becky and for the WWE Universe – somewhat.


We didn't really know what to expect coming into WrestleMania this year. The build was so erratic that we had so many mixed feelings about each individual match, not to mention the whole the whole collection. But somehow it all came together to be much, much greater than the sum of its parts.

16 matches is too long. Seven-and-a-half hours is WAY too long. But somehow we had more energy by the end of the night than we did last year. KofiMania finally running wild was the highlight, just edging out the main event due to the confusion and controversy souring the end of the latter.

Elsewhere there were peaks and troughs, ebbs and flows, and while there weren't the same quantity (or even maybe quality) of stunning moments you get some years, there weren't the same dragging hours in the middle either.

With 16 matches on the card, the sequencing had to be spot on, and in the main it was just that. Oh, and we got the return of the Doctor of Thuganomics, which pushes the whole thing up, of course.

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