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WWE reportedly stunned the Exit Dean Ambrose

2019 saw a few WWE Superstars for their release, but news of Dean Ambrose's upcoming release is the loudest in the worrying trend. And supposedly, WWE has been making efforts to ease its locker room.

Mike Johnson from PWInsider says WWE has come up with numerous Superstars whose contracts stand out in the next few years and proactively discuss extensions.

"After Dean Ambrose's news came out on Monday night early on Tuesday, SmackDown had a stream of activity because anyone who had a contract that came in the next year or two was withdrawn into the room and talked with the management of signing longer contracts" "Johnson said," All the wrestlers sat and watched each other and went, "look at this, this is crazy!"

There is little exaggeration for WWE to have allegedly rejected Revival and Mike and Maria Kanellis releases, while Hideo Itami has come out. But news about Ambrose wanting to leave the contract when his contract expires in April may have attracted WWE's attention. Especially with the new, well-funded, All Elite Wrestling ready to spread their wings.

"Definitely there was a sense that people could potentially go to AEW. WWE may have been paying attention to that and watched Triple H say, but there was definitely the cause and effect between Dean Ambrose who made the decision to go and the news came out and everyone else knew about it, and then yesterday at SmackDown with whom is talking about jobs, "said Johnson.

For nearly two decades WWE enjoys the monopoly of professional wrestling. Although there was a place where the talents could land, true prosperity was only available on the walls of Vince McMahon. But that is not the case in 2019. Chris Jericho allegedly brought a lucrative deal with AEW and could be the first of several big names Cody Rhodes and Co from WWE. Ambrose would join his forces, which would further justify the promotion and probably open the door for even more dissatisfied WWE stars to jump.

So Johnson's story grows. While WWE will never be endangered by AEW, they definitely do not want to drop talents into other promotions. In the name of sealing her boundaries, the WWE's initiating contract negation with super stars makes a lot of sense. However, if Ambrose arrives at AEW and finds success, the WWE may not be able to offer enough to keep super-stars in a similar destiny.


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