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You are probably not allergic to the vaccine

Hamilton, ON (April 8, 2019) – There is no great chance that you are actually allergic to the vaccine and, if you are, your allergist can give it to you.

Only one of the 760,000 vaccinations will respond with anaphylaxis. For all other side effects, there are ways to solve any problems.

Five facts about vaccine allergies, collected by two doctors at McMaster University, were published today in Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ). Derek Chu is an associate in Clinical Immunology and Allergy at the Department of Medicine, and Zainab Abdurrahman is Assistant Professor at the Department of Pediatrics.

Five things to know about allergies to the vaccine are:

  • Allergies to immunoglobulin-mediated E (IgE) vaccines are extremely rare.

    Responding to a honeycomb vaccine, swelling, swelling or anaphylaxis occurs in one of the 760,000 vaccinations. It will start in a few minutes after vaccination, is unlikely to start after 60 minutes and is unlikely to happen after four hours.
  • Symptoms such as fever, local pain or local swelling are not signs of allergies.

    These vaccine responses may occur seven to 21 days after vaccination but are not an allergic reaction.
  • With the exception of a yellow fever vaccine, egg allergy is not a reason to avoid vaccination.

    No special precautions are needed when people with allergies to eggs have flu, MMR (mumps, measles and rubella together) or rabies vaccine because the amount of protein they contain may be too low, says Canada's Public Health Agency and Canadian Pediatric society.
  • This may be a reaction to a rubber plug.

    If you have an allergy to latex, it will be a rubber plug or pre-filled syringe, not the vaccine that causes the problem.
  • Your allergist can certainly kill you.

    If you really have an allergy to the vaccine, allergies can help you in immunization through techniques such as gradual administration or vaccination at a little while.


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