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ZTE thinks of the headset display cutout

Natural evolution is a slit hole drilling hole. This can all explain the search for a smart phone that is all-screen. Well, bar approaching as much as possible. Frames, as we know them, are a thing of the past, and we will have to get used to smart phones that have the lobe or holes on their screens just to maximize the screen size of the real estate and screen to body proportions. Samsung and Huawei are competing directly in the first manufacturer to announce a camera shutter smartphone on their screen.

However, the holes on the screen do not necessarily have to be anything about the camera. According to the recently-submitted ZTE patent, the phone manufacturer is considering a screen display that will set up the handset. This way, ZTE could remove the top box and get it as close as possible to any smartphone on the screen. Drawings in the patent application do not reveal the front-facing camera, which may mean that the phone is not at all, or it might be behind the screen, making it even more exciting and pushing the envelope.

The usual advice for skepticism is to say: just because there is a patent, that does not mean that we will soon see such a commercially available product, if at all. However, that means ZTE is thinking about it.

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