His son José Aldo disappears in the northern Rio de Janeiro zone

Family campaign through social networks and mobilization of various athletes; In addition, the record of disappearance was made in 21st DP (Bonsucesso) Sister Borro José Aldo, Danielle Pereira dos Santos Nicolau, 36, has disappeared since dawn on July 24 in Ramos, Rio de Janeiro. The family conducts campaigns through social networks and mobilizes various athletes. … Read more

"I felt like I played in Everton"

The promise is fulfilled. After Richard Lucca's son Neymar asked Richarlison to make "pigeon dancing" his characteristic marking in the match against Uruguay, Everton's striker managed to do it on Tuesday after he was the author of the goal of winning over Cameroon at MK. Shirt 21 made a winning goal against Cameroon (Photo: Divulgação … Read more