Vulnerability: a new treatment that should not be tested

Love and sex We knew bleeding anus, here is whitening the vulva. It seems that society imposes more dictates on the appearance of women and "politically correct". While many of them ignore this social pressure by the appearance of an armpit or uncovered legs, others push the boundaries by choosing to bleed the genitals. It … Read more

To lose weight, what is happening in your head is just as important as what's on the board

Monitoring what you eat is far from being enough to lose weight, neuroscientists and endocrinologists say. Ph.D. Fabien Dworczak is a researcher in neuroscience and public policy at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm). This article co-operated with Lélia Bracco, Endocrinologist. It relies heavily on the Creative Commons License talk. Read the … Read more

an effective neutral package for adolescents

As part of the anti-smoking campaign, the introduction of neutral packages at the beginning of 2017 should reduce the attractiveness of tobacco. It seems that a new French study proves that the mission is realized among young people aged 12 to 17. As part of its tobacco control policy, France introduces neutral tobacco packages on … Read more

The Anti-cancer League proposes 11 measures to strengthen prevention

"At least 40% of cancer cases can be prevented" because they refer to lifestyle (tobacco, food, alcohol, environmental factors …), said Christophe Leroux, Director of League Communications. Generate free vaccination against papilloma virus, tax alcohol or even better support research … The cancer fight has presented 11 measures after its first preventive meeting on the … Read more

Endometriosis Treatment: I finally hope

Patient voices appeared, celebrities were involved, singing that the rush of pain during his period was not normal, finally, interrupt the taboo. Five years ago, very few people, including doctors, knew about endometriosis. However, this chronic gynecological disease affects – at least 10% of women in pregnancy. This causes severe cycles, severe digestive or urinary … Read more

COPB: "People still blow and start very young"

In a video, interview with Dr. Pablo Ferrero, a pulmonologist. COPD is a chronic and slow progressive lung disease. The main cause of the disease is smoking. "As long as there is tobacco and harmful agents, it will continue to develop (…) Currently, according to WHO (World Health Organization), COPB is the third leading cause … Read more

Le Matin – a draft strategy for promoting private investment

The government is working on a strategy to promote private investment in the argan sector. The goal is to accelerate its development in terms of production, productivity, export and value added. The argan tree industry promises a new takeoff. The government is working on a private investment promotion strategy to accelerate the development of this … Read more

Non-invasive Prenatal Test for Diagnosing Early … (Leuven)

With a non-invasive prenatal test, it is also possible to detect blood carcinoma even before the onset of symptoms, according to investigations in the oncology field of oncology KU Leuven. This test is best known for chromosome problems, such as Down Syndrome. Researchers from Louvain conducted a blood test on 1,002 patients at the age … Read more