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A cheap shoe store cheats the influences of fake luxurious local

There are few who are willing to pay more because of the idea that something is exclusive, scarce and, therefore, luxurious. Actually, that's what the American shop used Payless.

In fact, creating a website and an Instagram account was enough for a shoe company to gather a group of influential social media that decided to attend the inauguration of a non-existent new store. Moreover, at least one came to pay up to $ 640 (about $ 430,000 Chilean pesos) for shoes that are really inexpensive.

CNN says it is all part of a viral campaign that has sparked the creation of a fake new luxury store called "Palessi," which was located in a shopping mall in Los Angeles. For the grand opening, 80 invaders were invited, the shelves were filled with cheap Payless shoes, prices were raised under the illusion of exclusivity, and the rest was the story of two days of false inauguration.

Among the influential commentators, it was possible to capture the stories about the "sophisticated" shoes presented at the store, and even claimed to pay up to $ 500 for shoes that actually did not exceed $ 19.99 ($ ​​13,500 in weights).

In total, the store has managed to sell $ 3,000 in both days, but all the money has been reinstated. Even in Payless, they allowed the impetuous influences to stay with their shoes and pay them a small amount of attendance. And, obviously, the back company has won the advert to show that cheap shoes are also modern.

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