Monday , May 17 2021

A Chilean company finances frozen ovulation for workers wishing to postpone breast cancer economy

The Argentine multinational company based in Santiago, Mercado Libre, claimed that it was the first Chilean company that offered funding to its workers who, for health or personal reasons, wanted to freeze pills and postpone their motherhood for several years.

Through El Mercurio's publi- cote, they indicated that it was "a benefit for all women over 33 years" who worked for more than a year in the company and would provide 70% co-financing.

Specifically, given that women increasingly decide to postpone maternity in the elderly in favor of their professional career and personal goals.

In this context, in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer treatments are more effective when better quality eggs are available, which are available at a younger age. That's why egg freezing can play a key role.

According to the company, benefit is directed – mainly – to cancer women whose treatment may result in failure in ovarian function. It also points to situations that require the preservation of fertility, such as immune diseases requiring chemotherapy; or simply those women who for a variety of reasons want to postpone their motherhood.

The trend started with Facebook in 2014, and in 2015 it began to replicate in the technology industry of Yahoo, Apple and Google.

Meanwhile, Mercado Libre, present in several Latin American countries, began offering modalities in July 2018, with a maximum $ 5,000 (3.4 million pcs) financing.

Of course, experts clearly point out that freezing does not guarantee maternity in advanced years, since progress is a key year for pregnancy success.

For example, between 30 and 34 years, with 24 frozen ovarian cells, the chance that a child has at least 90%; while between 35 and 37 years, with 10 frozen oocytes, the options decreased to 50%, and even to 25% between 41 and 42 years.

Given this scenario, the initiative of the technology industry caused criticism. Dr. Enrique Oyarzún, former head of JKP's Department of Gynecology and Gynecology, and a member of the Health and Mental Health Committee in Minsal, accuses "biologists dedicated to this area as gods, but they are not, and every day they check this statement." Women who accept freezing their ovarian cells must not have side effects due to ovarian hyperstimulation, frozen ovarian cells must survive freezing and thawing, and embryos must overcome in vitro fertilization and uterine implantation. In addition, they will be mothers of the age when their mothers were grandchildren and they will be the mother at the end of the age when the risks of pregnancy are significantly higher than in the younger ages.

Also, in 2015, after posting on Google and Facebook, she questioned that no equivalent male counterpart was offered and no one considered that the offer could be considered a form of discrimination against women, not just because it turned out to affect women. in their personal life, but because the unmarried man is supposed to think that the lives of men are not affected because their wife has children.

In that context, "when our regional team set up a proposal, we knew that the decision can not be exempt from controversy," said Javier Ríos, director of Mercado Libre Chile.

In any case, until today, six months after the launch of the benefits, no associate has officially requested it.

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