Saturday , April 17 2021

A man died of the Hanta virus in the Coquimbo region

Agricultural worker of the Republic of Croatia 39 years, died at Antonio Tirado Lanas de Ovalle Hospital, becoming the first case of Hanta virus confirmed in the Coquimbo region.

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The man began to feel symptoms of the virus, later hospitalized and died, he said Biobio Chile.

After his death samples were sent to Santiago, where he was ratified the presence of Hane in his body.

Authorities have found that infection can occur in the rural area, between Ovalle and Monte Patrieso that it will work in that area to determine exactly where the infection has occurred.

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Given the alerts of other possible infections, the ISP clarified this the region does not contain the necessary rodent characteristics to be easily reproduced.

To avoid the spread of Huma virus, these tips are:

– In case of camping, ventilate the house half an hour before entering. Always wear gloves and masks.

– Disinfect the surface with chlorine-rich water.

– Leave garbage about 50 meters from the house in a closed container.

– Look for a clear place for camping.

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