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According to Sony, Playstation 5 will focus on the Hardcore player

In 2019, the year was full of surprises, but we have noticed something of the future of the next generation of consoles, early this year we learned something in detail about the components Playstation 5 (Or the name you choose), as well as a call Project Scarlett from Microsoft, although both consoles are far from being sold, announcements with more details and designs of these models are only a few months.

Although it is still early to excite new company consoles Sony or Microsoft, it is true that little or no information flows from these two pieces of hardware, recently the Wall Street Journal page held an interview Kenichiro Yoshida, Executive Director of the company Sony, focusing on the discussion of the next consortium strategy of the Japanese company, speaking of it as a niche product.

Details of making video games have become more important than ever. Sony is still welcoming independent studio games, but it is an emphasis on strengthening relationships with major publishers given the limited resources available to them.

The next PlayStation is a very important step forward in the graphics display speed and clearly demonstrates why it is logical that the console is the next generation.

Adding to this Yoshidi, he mentioned that the market is demanding against these features and that by emphasizing relationships with major developers, focus their efforts on more demanding players, in addition to these statements we can add, the database into 3DMark Benchmark, where SoC Playstation 5, called Gonzalo, would show that they have a graphics power similar to RTX 2070 and more than 4 times Playstation 4.

In any case, and although the information so far useful to both consoles, we will have to wait a few months to see less "synthetic" tests and see how these new consoles behave so much with current games because of their ability to retrocompatibility, as well as code games that each of them will have to see if this generation is a change we can see.

The next generation consoles are expected to be on sale in Christmas 2020.

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