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ADN Motor: Rebuilt Honda HR-V 2019 | society

In the new chapter DNA Engine, we are analyzing the renewed crossover of Honda HR-V 2019.

The new Japanese Inside Model can boast of more careful external design, interior enhancements, and a wide range of advanced technologies.

Improvements in elegant exterior design include a significant interpretation of "Solid Wing Face ", with a new dark high-gloss chromed plate replacing the black combination and chrome on the grill.

front bumper It has deeper air intakes that contain circular seals, while new optics They have projection lenses with daylight ICE with a new design.

On the rear, the dark chrome trim on the tailgate door reproduces the one on the front, while rear lights framed with a darker shell.

On the other hand, the high version of the range includes 17-inch aluminum rims, and the exhaust pipe has an exclusive chrome finish. The headlights and rear lights have been redesigned to include full LED lights, and the rear covers now have a dark "smoky" effect.

In addition to the above, this Honda maintains its own 4-cylinder SOHC and -VTEC® engine with 141 horsepower and 1.8 liters.

In addition, three versions of the HR-V feature automatic transmission of continuous variations (CVTs), available in five colors, including striking A great sporty blue and red Milano.

are prices? start in 14,890,000 pounds, with a bond to finance.

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