Sunday , May 9 2021

Adult Flu Films arrive this week

The adult influenza dose will arrive in the country this week, said Dr. Julio Mazzoleni, Health Minister. Biological agents for pediatric patients from 6 to 36 months are now available in all health centers.

"Vaccination is a proven flu prevention strategy. In that period, there are many viruses that can generate respiratory diseases, and the flu vaccine protects one of the most difficult ones, "said the health minister.

Vaccines are safe and collateral effects are extremely rare in relation to the benefits they provide to prevent illnesses, said a healthcare representative.

Biological agents arriving are targeted at risky groups such as elderly, chronically ill, respiratory and immunocompromised persons.

A large number of parents with their children came yesterday to vaccinate the XVIII Health Area of ​​the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) to access the doses. The patients waited almost an hour.

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