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Aníbal Mosa shot at everything that moved to Colo Colo

Army "Commander" Salasa is in full training to overcome the complex start of the season they had.

Nevertheless, they criticized the work of technicians and administration.

In that context, Aníbal Mosa, the former president of the concessionaire Blanco y Negro, had only complained against the action of the club, especially with Gabriel Ruiz-Tagle, who showed all his darts.

"He was unclear, because he said he would be very transparent, and that did not happen." He came to tell each other, as long as that happens, it will be difficult to agree. Colo Colo would be good for Ruiz-Tagle not to be the main ", he said in a conversation with sport in agriculture.

Meuse continued to breathe and added: "I feel isolated from making a decision. He (Ruiz-Tagle) arrived by saying that this would be democracy, but that was not so".

Players also received darts from a businessman who showed Pabla Mouche and Gabriela Costa. "I do not know that Mario Salas will make them perform, but I think something was missing, maybe better and not so much (…) My idea was to get Edson Puch , since he left Jean (Beausejour) and Rodríguez (Martín) we have no one out there ", closed without a filter.

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