Tuesday , May 18 2021

Antutu: Get to know the most powerful smart phones on the global market in March

The decision to buy new smart phones often supports the performance it has. Apart from its own, this can be compared to what the market offers.

In most cases it supports Antu, with its tool. The latest data from March, the global market has emerged now, with some interesting events.

The smart smart phones March are strong globally

March follows the same line from previous months, with closed competition among the latest models on the market. Chinese brands are competing fiercely as others offer, seeking the most powerful smart phones.

The most powerful smart phone for AntuTu

So, in the March data from Antuta, we have the recent Xiaomi Mi 9 that will win the position above. This smartphone gets 371,423 points. Second, we have a version with Snapdragon 855 Samsung Galaxy S10, which received 358.845 points.

Vivo iQOO Monster, which also has the same SoC, is now third in this list with 356,004 points. The top 5 has Galaxy S10 +, with SoC Exynos 9820, with 332,118 points, and Galaxy S10 with Soc Exynos 9820, with 328,446 points.

The smart smart phones March are strong globally

The second half of this list begins with the Galaxy S10, which is also equipped with the same SoC Exynos. From now on, Huawei Navy and SoC Kirin 980 come in. We are honored by the V20, in the seventh place with 301.003 points, and Mate 20 X, in eight and with 300.707 points.

To close this table we have the new Huawei P30, which is now starting to have results in Antu. This new machine gets 298,572 points, but should be much better in April. Finally, we have Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, he also with Snapdragon 845 and 296,972 points.

This is a world-class list and includes all Android smartphones that exist and is rated as version 7 of Antuta. This is a table that gives a global vision and shows the most powerful smart phones in March.

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