Tuesday , May 18 2021

"Argentinac" who dreams about Red

Minutes of 36 second half and the match between Aldosivo and Boca Juniors are still tied to the goal. Xeneize seeks to end as much as possible in the Argentine Superliga, so winning is a commitment. That's why coach Gustavo Alfaro looks at the bench and calls Chilean striker Brandon Cortes to try to turn the game around. There's a dime down!

Cortés was born 17 years ago in Buenos Aires, and many compare his ball talent to Juan Román Riquelme, a historic boster captain whom many consider to be the best player in the history of the club.

"Trainers tell me I play like him, I like to put the last pass and I have a similar blow." From Chile I like (Jorge) Valdivia, I think I look like I play. I like Colo Colo, because it is very similar to what Boca is here, "he said in an interview for As Chile 2016, when his name began to sound like an alternative to the Chilean team under 17.

Several instructors' instructions and Cortes are entering for the first time as a professional and shirt-defender since the age of 12 when he came with his parents to try out the most popular team in Argentina.

Despite full life on the other side of the mountain chain, land connection is undeniable. His parents were Chileans and arrived in Buenos Aires 25 years ago in search of economic improvement and never returned to Happy Eden. But Cortés has done more than one gesture with the intention of wearing a Red with a star on his chest. "I feel Chilean and it would be my family's pride I play in La Rojo," he says.

The match ended with one goal and the presence of Cortes was not decisive, but the statistics would be that the Chilean was once again in the Boca shirt transatlantic court as well as Gary Medel or Ivo Basay.

Brandon's journey to Argentina is just starting and for now the challenge is twofold. On the one hand, earning a space in the first xeneis, where he even registered to play the Copa Libertadores, and secondly, to follow the Chilean payroll, could be considered an alternate replacement for youths, which for the time being seems remote.

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