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AUDIO | Case of Catrillanac: UDI leader accuses the assembly and confirms that the rejection of the bullet kills the "damn criminals"

Gloria Naveillan (UDI) is the leader of the Victoria Farmers' Association and was also a former candidate for the 22nd district deputy. Through WhatsApp this weekend, the Unioner began expanding his statement – he had access to Dynamo– where he tells his version of what was supposedly happened on a day the murder of Camila Catrillanca of Carabineros.

According to her, and without giving any evidence of any kind except his testimony, everything was about "mounting" Government incriminate the police institution and thereby achieve political gains in the proposals brought by the Minister of Social Development Alfredo Moreno in this area.

Naveillan asserts that "the procedure in which Catrillanca died was a process absolutely appropriate to what should be" because – according to his story – Catrillanca was one of the thieves of a school vehicle, in fact, he was recognized. one of the professors who informed Minister Espin, i Minister Espina was as queer as ever who said, "I'm no longer a senator, I can not do anything."

"What happened that day, so clearly and not repeating nonsense, is that Carabineros acted in pursuit of a group of people who terrorized teachers and children who stole their vehicles by armament and a macadam. One of the vehicles was hunting for air from a Carabineros helicopter who informed the crew where he was headed. They found a barricade on the road and could not continue in the car and continue on foot, "says the woman.

Then, his personal version of the story points out that "the helicopter was informed that the passenger of the vehicle came down and entered the ruins of the forests and after that The driver of this vehicle climbed to the blue tractor and then the companion climbs up to the blue tractor. "

"Catrillanca tried to attack the backpack, and then ran back to the police. Carabineros ordered him to stop and did not stop. In a procedure like this, the GOPE was instructed to act and got weapons, to arrest the perpetrators of the crime and the attack they committed. So it's clear to everyone: what killed Catrillancu was the rejection of the bullet in a rubber tractorbecause it was not a direct shot. Because the 5.56 to 14-meter shot destroyed the Catrrazy skull and nothing happened, In fact, the jump was stuck in Catrillanca's head and did not even die in minutes, "says a former UDI candidate.

And he adds: "So the procedure was to try to help save the life of the damn who was a criminal because the guy had a police file and was released by Collipulli with clear legal arguments that did not fit. "


According to his version, the assembly started in that minute. "When they arrived at their headquarters in Pailahueque, the order was to wait for the General Carabiner who came from Santiago, when they had to act according to the process to go to Collipulli's office to explain what had happened, were forced to stay in Pailahueque with a lawyer General Santiago arrived, Franzani, The lawyer was on the phone in Santiago for a long time, so I would like to know who he was, even though I doubt who he might be, and got orders how to declare a statement about those carabiners … "he says in the sound.

"The carabineros did not want to sign the declaration, but in an institution such as the Carabineros, which was given a superior task, this is not discussed." While the general went ahead, they had no choice but to sign it, knowing that what they are signing is a lie. therefore, all this was the erection that came far from these poor four pacos who are now captured and are destined for a murder they have never committed, "he adds.

"Government without pants, cowards and foxes"

Naveillan says that "There is a bug in the government that lacks pants, cowards, and faded that what he has done to surrender us to the platter in exchange for Moreno can get his plan of impulse that does not serve any stupidity except for the benefit of the violent Mapuche", he also asks that the government "has failed to bring about a state of emergency that would allow us to travel and sleep at peace".

For this reason, the UDI leadership adds another element: "It turns out that this government created a monster, because we do not forget that the minister (Alfredo) Moreno has found nothing better to join the violent Mapuches, such as Ancalaf , without going further, summoned a meeting in Villarrica, and then turned out to be trying to reach out to the most prolific group, including Marcelita Catrillanca pueh, father of the dead".

And it turns out that the father of the deceased, San Camilo, a criminal who for years had been a fugitive from justice and it turns out his grandfather was no wonder even for a person. And Minister Moreno did not find anything better than apologizing for the funeral, or does not know when. And now he's going through a newspaper bid to meet with Marcelo Catrillanco to apologize for the death of his son, "he explains.

Finally, the candidate confirms that "you have to be overwhelmed, How can you think about creating a monster like what you have created? Now the government does not know what to do with Marcelo Catrillanca because guess who is the one who warms the cue in all the cuts here: Marcelito Catrillanca with his people can. So now he rules, after creating a monster, he does not know what to do. No, if they honestly have the year they are looking for.

By Twitter (@glorianaveillan), the leader confirmed that the sounds were his. Check them here:

NOTE: It should be noted that the leadership of UDI does not provide any evidence for its story and does not coincide with the testimony of former combatants who were freed from testimonies or expert reports collected by the Prosecutor's Office. For now, it's just a personal version of Gloria Naveillán.

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