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"Augusto Pinochet is the one who directs the assassination"

He stated that in 1982, the date of the murder of Eduardo Frei Montalva, Chile was "a land of disturbed minds". The Lagos statements occurred after the failure of 811 pages dictated by Judge Alejandro Madrida that day.

This afternoon, after a verdict confirming the assassination of former President Eduardo Frei Montalvo, exmandatario Ricardo Lagos, mentioned the case and said that what happened "an unusual event in Chile's history.

In a conversation with Radio Cooperative, a former head of state, said Augusto Pinochet was in charge of the murder. However, he added, "We must not forget that the military regime was not only a military one. In January 1982, there were many civilians in high government positions."

Lagos also said that Chile during those years "was a land of disturbed minds … (but) to come to that?".

811 pages written by Judge Alejandro Madrid condemned six people for the murder: Dr. Patricio Silva Garín; driver of the former president, Luis Becerra Arancibia; former civilian representative of CNI Raúl Lillo Gutiérrez; Dr. Pedro Valdivia Soto the sociologists Helmar Rosenberg Gómez and Sergio González Bombardiere.

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