Saturday , May 15 2021


Users of the attention of the user WhatsApp, one a dangerous viral scam affected thousands of people in the world, charging your phones unwanted advertising and even hacking your data to demand rescue in cash.

A few weeks ago the application "Tracker for WhatsApp" returned to the Android smartphone store, promising users to "know who looks at your profile picture" in popular messaging services.

It should be noted that At the beginning of 2018, App had already stolen hundreds of users, like u April and June of the same year, but again He returned to hurt thousands of people who did not know about his existence.

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On the last days of December, differently social network accounts started bragging to see who watched or downloaded your profile picture.

After that, they appeared videos of influential people on YouTube, and even on some media They've been burning the Profile Tracker before.

But it all turned out cheat, in which the downloaded application starts filling your phone with advertising – Make money on your account or abduct private information in exchange for payment, using ransomware.

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According to experts, "WhatsApp Profile Tracking" does not display the actual information about contacts that simply viewed the image of your profile randomly select five or more contacts from the calendar and assign them an alleged date.

Application Use the user's navigation access to load ads on your mobile, without the consent and delivery fake clicks to generate money.

In addition, receives personal information through ransom, after which it requires the sum of money as a "ransom" for publishing the data obtained.

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