Sunday , May 9 2021

Barrios suffered a serious injury: he only had 30 seconds in the field

At the start of the duel between Universidad de Chile and Union La Calera at the National Stadium, he had a complicated minute. When the game just started, Bluesa player Augusto Barrios, He suffered an injury that forced him to leave the place.

The entertainment did not last for a minute Barrios made a sudden maneuver that caused his knee pain. Later he was thrown to the ground and could not get up because he had been relieved on his noses before his colleagues worried.

At the club, concerned Alfredo Arias has added new problems that have just begun the game and sent the court to the youth Lucas Alarcón replaced Barrios, who went directly to the locker room.

While waiting for official exams, the first diagnosis is lapidary: ligament breakdown and recovery that could be extended for about six months.

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