Sunday , May 16 2021

Bencinas moves 2019 with the best price in almost six months economy

The National Oil Company (ENAP) reported on Wednesday prices that will register fuel from this quarter, driven by the lower fuel price stabilization mechanism (Mepco), which avoided the pressure on rising dollar prices.

According to the state-run company, January 3, liter Benzene of 93 octane it will fall to -5.8 pounds, reaching 731.5 pounds as a reference, marking eleven consecutive losses, returning to the prices it kept in July, before the long period of increase recorded in 2018.

On that path, 97 octane its tenth week will be minus (from -5.8 pesos), reaching 752.3 pounds per liter.

dieselon the other hand, will reach 553.1 pesos per liter, which means -5.8 pounds less than the previous week.

kerosene, in the same line, will notice a sharp drop of -14.9, reaching 466.9 pounds per liter.

In the meantime liquefied gas (LPG) It will also fall significantly, remaining at 209.3 pounds, as it will record a 9-fold fall compared to the previous week.

These prices are valid between Thursday and Wednesday, January 9th.

According to this scenario, 93-octane gasoline will record eleven weeks down, with an accumulated fall of -63.2 pesos in that period, after a long increase in the price for 50.3 pesos for 10 weeks last year. .

Meanwhile, the 97-octane petrol engine has recorded a tenth consecutive fall and has already accumulated a drop of -56.4 pounds after a 43.4-fold increase, which lasted for nine weeks in 2018.

Fall without a brake

According to the ENAP report, crude oil prices at the international level fell to the lowest level since August 2017, fueled by concerns over the oversized supply.

According to this scenario, economists argue that fuel prices in Chile could continue to decline, at least by March, due to low oil prices in international markets, which would also have affected low inflation in the first months of this year. year in our country.

To halt the decline, the most relevant producers around the world, united in the Organization of Oil Exporting Countries (OPEC), have agreed to withdraw their production to ease the price increase, though the cuts will not come into effect until January. So far, the simple announcement has not stopped falling.

Prices match ENAP reference values, which seeks to provide only relevant information for the fuel market, unlike those reported by the National Energy Commission in its Fuel Information System on the Internet.

In fact, the company points out that it can not be considered a document defining the values ​​for consumers in Chile, since they are completely free, as the Chilean market is characterized by openness, competitiveness and deregulation.

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