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Bitcoin's popularity extends to 58% of Americans, according to the CriptoNoticias study

Bitcoin gets popular among Americans, says Coinbase, a major crypto currency in the US. The report shows the findings of the growing public interest in that country in crypto currencies and their greater intention to invest in the market.

The report published in the official Coinbase blog on June 28 states that it is more than Half of Americans, 58%, say they heard of bitcoin and other crypts of currency, Bitcoin becomes popular, a statement that, according to the study, also supports current trends in Google's searches. At the end of June, as prices of cryptors increased, Search for "bitcoin" in Google has increased almost three times more than the search related to Kim Kardashian news.

The states of the EU where bitcoin leads to popularity.
Source: Internal Data on Coinbases and Studies YouGov.

The study also found that during 2008, more people are looking at Google with the word "bitcoin" of "real weddings" or "election results"Adds that as popularity gains among Americans, bitcoins and other crypturits become an increasingly important aspect in the US economy. as more and more people see technology as a new, more interesting way of participating in the financial system.

There are indications that the population's interest will continue to increase 15% of Americans expressed the desire to invest in a crypto currency in the next six months. In the five states, the intent of buying over average was recorded: 22.8% in New Jersey, 22.5% in Kentucky, 17.1% in West Virginia, and 16.4% in Pennsylvania and Missouri.

The study's data, one of the goals of assessing popularity among Americans, stems from Coinbase's client activity analysis and 2,000 US Internet users survey. More than 18 years ago, the survey company YouGov conducted in December 2018.

Wyoming is the country with the highest jurisprudence around the cryptokurata.
Source: FiscalNote.

With the growing interest of Americans for cryptokurance, Coinbase says, legislators across the country have more attention to cryptocurues. Actually, More than 70% of the US has adopted regulations regarding the use of crypto currencies or blockchain.

The Coinbase study highlights the progress of legislation in Wyoming as being particularly positive for the crypto-currency market. In this regard, he notes that earlier this year, Wyoming approved a series of 13 laws that, inter alia, recognize kriptokurance as money and allow banks to "provide custodial services over digital assets".

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