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Blade, Bethesda game for iOS and Android, has been postponed until 2019

It was the last E3 2018 when Bethesda announced a new title for iOS and Android: Elder Scrolls: Blades. In June, it opened pre-registration in both operating systems and, although the exact start date was not correctly confirmed, was expected for the fall of this yearIt is clear that, at this point, that was not the case and, in fact, it will not be.

The developer has announced through his Twitter account that the game will finally be launched in early 2019, so we can expect it from January to March, more or less.

Elder: The Blade, which we have already seen in action during the presentation, is spin-off Elder Scrolls: Original knives, It is the first person to play for one player (Skyrim type) in which we will have to investigate the dungeons, fight the bosses and adapt our avatar. Also, there are several game scenarios, including:

  • Abyss: A kind of sandbox where we have to move and kill the monsters.
  • Arena: Fights and Doubles Against Other Avatars.
  • City: In which we have to build buildings and adapt them to get objects and equipment.

This is not the first Bethesda game we have for mobile phones since the Fallout Shelter was launched, a game of strategy and resource management for some time. The latest title is Fallout 76, available on several platforms and involved in controversy that continues to increase. Anyway, that's already possible log in to receive notification when the game is available in the App Store and Google Play.

Elder pushes: blades

Elder pushes: blades

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