Sunday , May 9 2021

Candida auris, a mysterious and worrying fungus that has developed drug resistance

Candida auris, It is the name of fungi that is fed to people with impaired immune system and who are currently this silence would spread to the world.

According to the New York Times, this germ is recognized in the neonatal unit in Venezuela, In hospital Spain, intensive care units in Great Britain, except for cases in India. Pakistan and South Africa.

Also, cases in New York. New Jersey and Illinois warned US authorities, and the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention added him to the list of "urgent threats".

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Photo: New York Times.

An example of Candida auris effects occurred at the Monte Sinaí hospital, in Brooklyn. The older man came undergoing abdominal surgery, and after the blood showed the presence of fungus, he was immediately transferred to intensive care.

The subject died 90 days later, but Candida auris no. Tests conducted in the room where she was interned showed that everything was contaminated.

"Everything was positive: walls, bed, doors, curtains, telephones, bathrooms, plates, pillars, pumps, mattresses, bedside fences … all in the room was positive, "the doctor said. Scott Lorin, the president of the hospital.

A feature that makes it mysterious and dangerous Candida auris is a suppressor for major antifungal drugs, It causes anxiety about a new medical challenge: increasing drug-resistant infections.

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According to the US environment, public health experts have warned for years of how drug efficacy has been reduced due to excessive use of antibiotics.

This is presented as a question of bacterial infections, but Drug-resistant fungi are a whole new dimension.

Matthew FisherProfessor of Mushroom Epidemiology at Imperial College in London said it was a "big problem". "We increase the possibility of treating these antifungal patientsHe said.

In other words, just like bacteria, fungus develops defense against modern drugs. 90% of Candida auris infections are resistant to at least one drug, while 30% had two or more.

Like the "auris" strain, Candida fungus has other types that can usually be treated with relatively ease, but it is still one has caused concern from scientists in the world.

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