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Column Toño Prieto: Blue is faded

The color was almost celestial on the ground and beyond. After the master courses that Frank Kudelka gave after his resignation, in his main responsibility, the compiled team had failed.

The technical cycle failed. He never went to work, never set the conditions in the game verbal. From pointers, advanced equipment, etc.

Today, Kudelka explains the situations he had to expose before, and today is too late. Uruguayan Alfredo Arias You will have this opportunity.

But not all courtesy. The campus is armed with planning where DT and leaders must agree.

The idea of ​​rejuvenating the team, plus the loss of Angela Araos, Yeferson Sotelda, Lorenza Reyes and Mauricia Pinille; and the arrival of ten new members left goals set in the mid-term. The level was indignant.

No footballer has reached a higher level than, for example, mitigated the absence of Venezuelan side attacks.

And again, Chilean teams are cheating, they believe they add 1 + 1 and a guaranteed result.

It is clear that the cycle was lost because there was no harmony between the one who is preparing what will happen in court, which is happening out of it.

This formula is a sure failure.

University of Chile, despite the majority controllers (Carlos Heller), many passionate followers, rich sports history, officials for every need, is not enough to have technical stability and good results.

Will Heller wear out? Will it be okay with Arias on the bench? Will Guerra, Parra, Martinez and others explode?

Questions pointing to a moment that deserves extreme attention because the blue color can not continue to fade.

If there are no signs showing green shoots, the crisis may come to the heart of S.A.

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