Sunday , May 16 2021

Competition for Artur Vidala: Barcelona has a "free time" to negotiate with Adrien Rabiot

For years Barcelona has not hidden the desire for one of the young values ​​of Paris Saint Germain. Adrien Rabiot it's one of themNelosi at the table for further strengthening of the terrain, even approached Catalonia before Artur Vidal.

Rumors about the possible transfer of a Paris player to the box of azulgrane grow over time and now add a new advantage to "The Case of Rabiot", from FIFA through its regulations, fully supports Barca to negotiate for players without risk of punishment. The Spanish group has publicly expressed interest in Rabiot, in a statement released on December 30, where he made it clear that "they did not violate the applicable regulations because, is negotiating with PSG sports managers.

Additionally, although the Spanish boxers want to have the French in their ranks, clearly note that no agreement has been reached by the players so far, where through the statement comment on the steps to be taken in the negotiations. The only contacts were conducted in August and now a week ago (December 23). In both cases, contacts with PSG officials have been established to show the interest of FC Barcelona for Adriena Rabiot.

The governing body of world football, in its Article 18.3, which refers to the statute and the transfer of players, explicitly supports the full freedom of footballers to "sign a contract with another club if their contract with the club" has expired or will expire in a period of six months . "

Vidal Vidal could have a "rival" for the wheel / Getty

Rabiot, the most polite player of those who end semi-season contracts

Barcelona's interest in Rabiota is growing not only because the player wants to change air but also because the midfielder ends his connection with PSG on June 30, 2019, leaving him free access to the Barça team to get players directly and negotiate with him representing it as a priority option for the next transport market.

Among the various options offered by the market for players who conclude the contract on June 30, and therefore can change equipment at a zero cost, Adrien Rabiot is the most cited player, according to a study conducted by Transfermarkt, a portal specializing in the transfer market, which is 50 million euros in French. Follow him, Welsh Aaron Ramsey Arsenal, with a stake that reaches 40m euros, Ander Herrera Manchester United, with 28 million euros, closes the list of players Juan Mata. David Luiz and Diego Godín which amount to 25 million euros.

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