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Controversial story about the usual suspect

In 1970 and after a "failure" with President Salvador Allende, a doctor and an armyr Patricio Silva Garín He decided to resign as head of the National Health Service at that time. For years he was Secretary of State for Health Eduardo Frei Montalve's government. Today, he is accused – according to the first-instance verdict for the murder of the former president – as the lead author of the proceedings that led to the death of the former head of state.

Patricio Silva was not pleased to be just a surgeon. In 1955, he entered the infantry school, developing a military military career in the army. His old friend, Dr. Jorge Castro, invited him to join the ranks. In 1967, shortly before he was considered Freeman's under-secretary, he was in controversy School America (an entity associated with intelligence agencies and state limbs in Latin America), although it will later dramatize its passage through the place.

"In the age of 67 I was sent to that school for the exercise of bodywork and aviation that lasted 15 days," said La Tercer in May 2017, although in 2009, when he was prosecuted as a murderer of former President Frei in an interview with The magazine Qué Pasa gave a different version: "I was not a pupil of America School, but I only attended the" Paddock Medicine "course for just three weeks.

That style, "close to the military world" that enabled him – when he was secretary for health care – to play a key role as a mediator in negotiations on the so-called "Tacnazu", the name that was received by a military uprising led by General Robert Viaux who was in the Tacna Regiment in Santiago, in October 1969. Silva intervened surgically with the father of that officer, thus gaining such knowledge that he had persuaded him to give up on attempts at a state strike.

Medical negligence

Twelve years after that, he came to the clinic of Santa Maria, his former boss, former president Eduardo Frei Montalvo.

The decision of Minister Alejandro Madrida states that after the operation of the hereditary pigeon, the former president suffered recurrence during the postoperative period and that on December 4, 1981, he should return to the Santa María clinic. judge at that time, and in the decisions Silva took in the second operation he had carried out – according to him – for alleged intestinal obstruction. The judge said the operation was unjustified, adding that, adding to the chemical substance, he died to Frey's septicemia.

"As he passed through this health, irregular situations occurred, such as; the presence of unidentified nurses and injecting foreign substances, inputting people outside the environment, entering the recovery room, a persistent and inexplicable health crisis, unsuccessful improvements and worsening of their illness, as well as drug administration not approved to facilitate recovery, a situation that does not happen, "the verdict says.

However, your lawyer José Miguel Barahona he dismisses that his client had performed poorly as a doctor. "Having completely abandoned the use of chemical agents, the decision adds the unpublished fact as a reason for condemning Dr. Patricia Silva Garin: resection of the intestine, which is called unjustified. This fact was not the subject of an indictment and therefore a serious lack of nullity."

For a professional, the decision of Minister Madrida has serious congruence mistakes, because medical negligence was not a hypothesis she put up in the charges, but a poison that the judge dismissed in her judgment. According to Brahaon, "the law is clear in this: every time a sentence is excluded with those who were the subject of the prosecution, the verdict is null and void, because of the violation of the proper procedure in its dimension of the right to defense: in order to defend ourselves from that aspect , in opposition to the real need to carry out this eradication if we have not previously been informed in the charge that this was the fundamental aspect that the Minister had in mind to be condemned? "

I'm not getting nervous

"Even if they say I'm a bandit, I'm not nervous because I know I'm not. If I'm nervous, I think I have to hide something." "I'm innocent," Patricio Silva said in her last conversation before the Frei case.

During his life and because of this mix between doctors and military, it was not only once when he was associated with political crime during the military regime. In the same interview that Silva says is innocent, they ask him why he told Pinochet he would lead Frei Montale. – I did not talk to Pinochet. I warned General Verdug (Army General Staff), who was my superior, to be absent from Military Freedom Hospital and warned Pinocheta, "he says.

Although not prosecuted in any other case, there are appearances in criminal proceedings due to the death of General Augusta Lutz (the former chief of the Intelligence Service of Allende) and José Tohá (former Minister of Popular Unity). Both died at the Military Hospital in 1974.

After a military strike, Silva was head of the Military Hospital subdivision. Can she be responsible for both deaths? The same doctor answered those questions to La Tercer: "General Lutz had gastrointestinal bleeding in Punta Arenas." Because there were no operational conditions, I asked him to move him to Santiago, where I worked successfully, but stress on traveling and losing blood , among other things, reduced his defense and had lung infections and infections in almost the whole body and he died.When General Schneider arrived at Wounded Hospital, I was in the ministry.While I had experience in liver surgery, I went and helped in the operation. They asked him to have arrived at the hospital just when the general was there … In relation to José Tohá, his wife examines me that I did not deliver Valium before the examination I did not do it because I was not a doctor nor did I had to prescribe psychiatric medications.

Currently Silva is 88 years old. He lives outside of Santiago and waits for what has been resolved in Frei. After dictating the sentence, he again defended, before La Tercera, the decisions he made in connection with Eduardo Frei Montalvo: "He died of illness that can not be repaired, that's the only truth."

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