Thursday , February 25 2021

Copper withdrew on Thursday due to China's weakness in imports


A fall of 1.2% showed copper values ​​on Thursday. The ore on the London Metal Exchange (BML) amounted to US $ 2,783 after closing with a slight increase on the eve. According to data published by Bloomberg, China's import of input data recorded a sharp drop of 19% in October in the total amount of 423,000 tons. The data again neutralized the expected impact of the London Stock Exchange's systematic fall. Shares fell by 1.1% to 172,325 tons today.

Speculation on the trade-volume gap between the United States and the Asian gangs, especially the resistance of the latter economy, continues to affect the price of red metal. For the time being, the average price so far this month is $ 2,806 per pound, while the average for the year was $ 2,987 per pound, up 8.6%.

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