Saturday , September 18 2021

Country by country: the most sought after car brands around the world

Searching through the internet is all useful. Allows you to save user time and also gives you space to play content and find unexpected information. In the last decade, it has become the first source of information, and when it comes to cars, this is no exception. The private survey has analyzed the consultations of recent months and formulated the ranking of the most wanted vehicles brands in 2018 all over the world. Which leads to Argentina.

Insurance company report Veygo It's based on aggregating data around the world that could be used to determine and segment the flow of clicks on Google. In that sense, information analysis was set up Toyota as the most demanding automotive industry in 57 of the 171 countries covered by the sample. Second place BMW, in 25 countries and Mercedes Benz third on 23rd.

Also, Toyota ranked first in the number of searches with 7.8 million per month, while Honda reached 7 million and Beam 6.4 million. While Hyundai had reached 6.3 million, and BMW cut the first five places from 6.2 million searches.

On the other hand, at the local level Chevrolet It dominated the number of clicks and remained the first. While he was the first Colombia. Ecuador and Uruguay in the region. On the other side, slingshot He stayed with the stand Brazil, while in Chile domino Hyundai, like u Paraguay and Peru.

Another fact stemming from the report is that Tesla has won searches in seven countries: the Cayman Islands, China, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore and the Faroe Islands. In these cases, they point out that this is the option of an ecological alternative offered by the automotive company created by Elon Musk.

Regarding search of its own brands, only five countries are looking for locally based brands: Renault in France, Mercedes-Benz in Germany, Maruti Sazuki in India, Perodua in Malaysia and Volvo in Sweden.

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