Saturday , May 15 2021

Cristian Sánchez keeps love at a distance with Diana Bolocco

Animator Cristian Sánchez discovered that with so much work on television, he and Diana Bolocco were forced to use technology to maintain love.

Recall that the animator "Very Good Days", TVN and Nexo, on ESPN, added the third job: "Do not blame the night".

Diane Bolocco's load on the reality show "Resistiré" Mega is also added to this.

According to Sanchez, La Cuarta says "the last time it was crazy, I can always take a break to see the kids, and when I get to see Diana in five minutes, she has to go out." This is a very rare time with the shots of reality. Mucho Gusto, Mega), things will change, I think, and we will be more peaceful. "

Faced with this scenario, Cristian explains that "what we are doing is to send love messages, love messages to ourselves and send things to you" throughout the day, and even adds that "Fiery is too much! We have a little time but we know we love and feel that we need each other. "

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