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Daniela Vega: "Movies do not stop wars … they're just the movies in the end"

The actress Una Mujer Fantástica completes a successful year with a massive program for 2019 series, performance and film in Italy waiting after Oscar.

While Facebook and Instagram are counted before the end of the year, Daniela Vega (29) draws her own accounts at a time. There was a need to reduce the revolution after several of his paintings were around the world in 2018: in addition to director Sebastian Lelia and Meryl Streep for lunch before the Hollywood Academy Awards award ceremony last February; Passing the red carpet of the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles with the brothers Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín, and the recognition that same night when a fantastic woman won the first Oscar for Chile. All this without mentioning the excitement that followed: covers and interviews, comments of all kinds, and even his name appeared among the 100 most influential people of the year according to Time magazine.

"The year was tense, fantastic. It was a beautiful opportunity given to me, and I think I got the pleasure of belonging to a team like Fábule, working with one of the world's greatest filmmakers, like Sebastian Lelio, and also experience. I've lived my transit for 15 years and I've always been proud that I was trans, but that was another Chile Pinochet was still alive, the exit was very dangerous and did not give us a job "It is my job to play and sing, and I give a little, because I do not want to justify or explain anybody to me anymore." The story is different, says one of Larrain's brothers' production department in ñuñoi. .

If, after her first movie The Visit (2014), she had to travel at least five times a year, during the promotion of Fantastic Women's Airport she became her second home. "These are the journeys every week, we are just about to end 2018 and I'm already scheduled by 2020. It's fun, and I feel very determined to say it to a girl," he says, thinking of over 300,000 followers in the networks. social.

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How do you see the influence of a fantastic woman outside the cinema hall and awards?

"Since I was very aware, this had the effect of solving a number of ongoing issues in Chile, not forgetting that there were many people who were involved not only in the Act on Gender Identity – published at the end of November – or in the case transgender, but also a feminist, Mapuche, who advocates free abortion. When I won Caleuche this year, I said three words that I think it is important to rebuild this country and expand the mind: rebellion, resistance and love. Expanding these constraints enables us to break up the remaining structures: I also speak of embezzlement in the Carabineros, the Catrillanca case, the Interior Ministry, and politics in general, which instead transformed dialogue into a war of the egos. The conquests are always collective and suddenly someone has to put a flag on the uninitiated place.

Is this someone you?

"I could never say that I became a symbol of something or to think of myself as an icon or example of everything. I think I'm the least example of the world. I'm just following my way and returning to the previous thing, I also think that what Gonzalo Maza and Sebastian Lelio did was inspired by the things they saw or talked about in order to create a story about a fantastic woman. But it's a movie, and the movies do not stop wars … they're just movies. If anyone succeeds in infiltrating a social subject, it seems fantastic, but our job is to stir up the public. And my artist asks the viewer questions. For me, art is an equation, and viewers have to clean X.

Pause and teaching Italian language

The new year will go to Chile, but a few days ago, he said, he was in the town of Turbaco, near Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. "There is a place in this town where women are displaced by drug gangs and drug smugglers, building their homes and all with their own hands, those who rule," says actress. The record he led was the first part of the series of documentaries Peace Peace, now directed by Javari Villarreal, from Pousta's portal, one of the projects that he also has as a producer. They will see the light in 2019.

By retaining proportions, the next one will be just as busy a year full of challenges. It has been recorded for the Netflix series Stories about the city, based on the novel of Armistice Maupin and where he will play Yselu, the trans-girl of Argentine roots that spent his entire life in Fresno, California, USA. You are also reading the script Package, the Fábula series will be directed by Argentine Lucía Puenzo (XXY). There will play Elis Murillo, head of the Homicide Division, who will face a case of disappearance. It will also be in the GAM stage in October, Brecht's wife, a musical review by a German author.

Going through Santiago, he also attended Italian language courses: in April, he will travel to Milan for two months in preparation for the new movie he has just signed. At this time the script was named Futura, and was written and directed by Italian director Lamberto Sanfelice (1975), whose debut film Chloro (2015) was nominated for the award of the large jury of Sundance and the Crystal Bear at Berlinale. That same year. It will be a debut of Chilean actresses in European cinematography, and her second film after Una's fantasy film, after recording in Chile One Sunday in July in Santiago, brothers Gopal and Visnú Ibarra.

"I met Lambert Sanfelice through the cinema. He saw a fantastic woman and sent me a letter in Italian. I sent it to the translation, read it and liked it. This is a completely different story and I can not give you much detail, but I will interpret the Chilean living in Milan and living her transit involved in drug trafficking while her son is still living in Chile, "he says.

How do you project your career after so much exposure?

– Facilitating things, even though I've already interned my career. Not just because of movies, but because I was very encouraged and it is not known in Chile. I reward Phoenix and Platinum, and this is something I enjoy, the connection with the audience, being able to be loud and laugh. I feel like an artist from that time, and I like to be with people. I've always had the unconditional support of my family, but the love I get from people greatly appreciates. Today I feel that this support is transversal: follow me from ABC1 to C3, and I like to enjoy the taste of mixed ceviche.

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