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Did the hunter become a prey? The study shows who is afraid of big white pines

The study carried out by the Aquarium in Monterey Bay and its associated facilities denies the idea that the big white seabird is the most horrible predator of the ocean and claims to flee when the orcs are present in the area, reports EurekAlert.

According to Principal Investigator Salvador Jorgensen, the team found that "when confronted with killer whales, white sea dogs immediately leave their hunting area it is desirable that it does not return after a year, even if the killer whales are just passing through there. "

In their work, experts have documented four meetings between these species near Los Farallones, a group of islands located on the coast of San Francisco. Scientists have analyzed their interactions using data from 165 white seahorses marked between 2006 and 2013 and compiled different studies on these two animals and elephant seals in that area.

As a result, said researcher Jim Tietz, scientists were able to "convincely show how white sharks leave the area when the orcs appear." In all analyzed cases, sharks escaped from the waters of these islands when whales came and they did not return to that place until next season.

Also, the team discovered that Elephants seals have beneficial effects indirectly In such a situation, because when sharks disappear, hunting is much less frequent.

The study does not make any conclusions as to whether or not the whales are white or simply compete with food. The importance of this study, according to Jorgensen, is that it shows that "food chains are not always linear".

"So-called lateral interactions between the main predators are known on the land, but they are much harder documented in the ocean," he concluded.

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