Monday , July 26 2021

Digital transformation in Peruvian companies Ramón Costa

Ramón Costa, Program Director Digital transformation EADA Business School in Barcelona (Spain) and Director of the First Report on "Managing the Digital Transformation Skills in Peru 2018" prepared by EADA and CENTRUM PUCP, analyzing the study of Peruvian companies and their use of digital technology to improve your digital transformation.

Professor Ramón Costa argues that 1/3 of the company's leading changes in digital transformation from the General Administration. However, only 20% of this is done in the field of marketing and sales, and about 15% in the field of technology. There is no doubt that operational skills are easier to use everyday, while tactical and strategic skills represent a bigger challenge for the executives of Peruvian companies.

For the Director of EADA Business School in Barcelona, ​​the big challenge for Peruvian companies is that 35% of the digital transformation that is currently being undertaken by the General Administration achieves growth.

According to a study conducted by EADA and CENTRUM PUCP on the basis of a survey of managers from various sectors of the country, he concluded that digital skills related to the individual use of managers are well developed. However, the skills that a manager achieves with his working group are in the mode of research because they are not integrated into the organization's activities.

"Managers need to understand that digital skills management needs to incorporate digital reputation indicators, customer tracking, technology trends, and how they can contribute to business," said Ramón Costa.

Companies need to adapt to this situation in order to carry out a proper and sustainable digital transformation.

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