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Discover The True Cause of Death Lady Di: Investigation ends mystery after revealing a "very rare" situation that took away Dian's life

On the night of August 31, 1997 Princess Diana, her partner Dodi Al Fayed and their driver, Henri Paul, died at Pont du Alma in Paris. All this after playing in a car accident in the French capital.

The death of Lady Di caused global influence and there was always a mystery about whether her death actually occurred as a result of the accident as she fled from paparazzi, or if something was there.

As a matter of fact, doctor Richard Sheperd decided to write a book to tell the whole truth after London Police Chief Sir John Stevens asked to investigate in 2004 whether the three deaths that left this fact were effectively related to an accident or not,

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And all the conclusions that he has brought will be exposed to the public in the Unnatural Causes publication, which will be on sale on April 18th. There he confirms that the death occurred as a result of the accident, claims El País.

The text says that everything was "a tragic accident," citing why Diana died later, while Dodi and the driver died immediately after the stroke.

In this respect, he is an important figure in the bodyguard of Al Fayed, Trevora Rees-Jones, who was the only survivor and who was the only one wearing a seat belt.

In that sense, the author notes that Dodi was sitting behind the driver and considering that the first was "a big man and that the car was more than 95 kilometers", the blow was both automatically killed. That's because Dian's boy ran forward and crashed into Paula.

Unlike them, the "princess of the people" was less weighty, so their movement was less. Also, Rees-Jones was wearing a belt so that his body did not move much.

For the same reason Diana "just broke a few bones and got a little wound in her chest". However, the latter was crucial because it led to his death.

"That wound was a small scratch in one of his lungs," the doctor said, adding that "it was very rare, so much so that I did not think I saw one more in my career." worst place. "

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"Diana gradually began to lose awareness (in the ambulance on her way to the health center.) When she had a heart attack, every effort was made to sheal her, and she went to the hospital to identify the problem and try to repair the vein. But unfortunately, it was too late – Sheperd discovered.

In that sense, he explained that he was "anatomical, that's something hidden in the center of the chest." Wounds, which do not have the same pressure as the arteries, bleeds slower, actually so much so that it is difficult to identify the problem. Once discovered, it is even harder to fix it. "

"Diana's death is a classic example of what we often say after each death:" if only … "If you just hit the opposite seat at a slightly different angle … If they just went 15 miles away … They put it directly in ambulance … But the biggest of them depended on Diani himself: that he simply put on the belt … She would be susceptible, she would probably come back a few days later in public with a scar, with a bruised breathing from the flippant rib or with a hand in the belt ", he finished.

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