Sunday , April 11 2021

Discussion with Nacho Gutierrez that would resign Karen Bejarano to TVN in the morning

We already know more details of the fierce debate Karen Bejarano had with Ignacio Gutierrez and they would refuse to submit to TVN's Muy Buenos Aires morning.

According to journalist Michael Roldan, everything started when Chiqui Aguayo gave his opinion about the program.

"He says they have no room for comment or sharing. He says that" the morning Chique "is less and less" leaving me outside "," they made me humor and they did not give me room for humor, "said Aguayo, according to Roldan.

At that time, Nacho Gutierrez would support a comedian, arguing that more humor is needed among so many recent notes.

And, according to witnesses, it was there when Karen Bejarano told Ignacio Gutierrez that he was not allowed to comment.

"I understand that I would just say Ignacio Gutiérrez:" Nacho, you suddenly talk and leave me in half, lapping with my hand, do not let me express, let me finish my ideas, I can not talk all the time, "Roldan discovered.

Creating an exchange of opinions is not very good because "Nacho says," You know what, Karen? On a good wave, like you are down to three changes, like energy, encouragement. "Besides, it is very important not to speak for speech, but to speak when there is a foundation and a concrete view," said Gutiérrez.

But the ex-girlfriend Mekano answered, saying she was discouraged, for she was going through a complex moment.

"Nacho said," Perfect, but if you do not say your problems, I do not have to know what you're up to, "he added.

"There was a fierce debate, saying Karen Bejarano was very bad and, for that reason, would have left," Michael said of the alleged controversy that led to his departure.

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