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Disney explains why “WandaVision” has a different name in Spain TV and show

Currently the most popular Disney + series, Wandavision, is coming to an end and has fans waiting for the outcome, as this Friday the 5th airs the last episode of the season.

In this context, many fans are asking questions about the plot and how it will affect the so-called Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU, for short in English), but other doubts have arisen regarding the name of the production.

It happens that in Spain the series is not called “WandaVision” – as in other countries – but is distributed with the name “Scarlet Witch and Vision”.

Disney + Spain

Before being asked by some fans, Disney answered the question, recalling other changes in the names of series and movies shot in the Iberian country.

“In Spain, it’s not called ‘Wandavison’ for reasons related to third-party brands, so we chose ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’ to be true to the original comic.”They responded on the official Disney + account.

According to the specialized media Spoiler, this is due to the fact that in Spain there is a film production and distribution company, founded in 1992, christened as WandaFilms, which later started another company called Wanda Vision.

For this reason, Disney + had to change its name and use the translated version.

However, among film and television fans, a few recalled that in Spain they often give very strange names to some productions.

Such is the case with the saga “Fast and furious” (Fast and Furious in English) which in a European country got its name less than “Full throttle”. The same goes for “Hard to kill” (Die hard) which is in Spain “Crystal Jungle”. Something similar is happening with “Intensively” (Inside Out) named after “Vice versa”.

Carlos Jiménez, marketing director at Paramount Pictures, noted a few years ago that “there are many factors that influence the choice of title.”

The tapes mentioned were not about rights like Wandavision, but about marketing decisions. “There are many aspects to the name of the film. If we are talking about comics, the name is generally respected and the subtitle may or may not be acted upon. If the film is based on a book, as a distributor you have the option to access the publisher and use that name that you have already registered. In the case of proper names, like Shrek, we can name it as it is or follow it with a subtitle, ”he added.

However, when the phrase of the original title is considered to be appealing only to citizens of the country of origin, it changes. There, the titles that can be used for the film are mixed based on the story and the characters.

Juan Carlos Lazo, CEO of 20th Century Fox Mexico, explained that naming the film is more complex than it sounds.

“Sometimes the headlines are not the happiest, but I think we are talking about a much more complex issue than it might seem. It’s not just a group of people talking in a room to see how we’re going to put a movie, it’s not that simple. It all depends on a number of factors, mostly commercial. You need to choose a name that is appealing, understandable and easy to remember for any type of audience. There has always been controversy in the industry over the names with which distributors release films, however, I would like slanderers to come one day and try to choose a title according to requirements, ”Lazo said in collected statements from BioBioChile for several years.

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