Tuesday , October 22 2019
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Doctor Colo Colo confirmed the herbal lesion

The Argentine defender experienced dislocation in the shoulder during the match against Everton and this Thursday will be tested.

Colo Colo fell to Everton and forgive three defeats of the summer tournament Viña del Mar, The winners in Sausalito beat 2: 0 and ended with a 3: 2 drop.

In addition to the new defeat, Mario Salas added a new concern. Matías Zaldivia He left the field 25 minutes after a sharp fall.

The doctor of the albos, Jorge Cheyre, mentioned the situation of the defense attorney. "He has a shank in the shoulder we set, but he had a high risk of complications if he continued to play, so we ran out, and this Thursday we will make studies to determine the severity and size of the injury," he said.

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