Monday , May 17 2021

Everton vs. U. Católica Live: National Tournament, Day 7

66 & # 39; Everton fails to enter the Catholic area. In the last few minutes he has started centers that do not find the attackers Viñamarina.

62 & # 39; Everton missed! Only one Viñamarino came forward after returning from Cuevas but refused to hit.

59 & # 39; Great arrival from Everton !! Álvaro Ramos tried halfway in that area and finished, but Toselli kept watch over it.

55 & # 39; Center Wolves right and Munder tried a volleyball that was routed. The crusaders are looking for the third.

52 & # 39; Everton tries to equalize the score through centers that have not found a good destination.

47 & # 39; GOOOOOOOL OF THE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY !!! Riascos takes second place for the crosses.

45 & # 39; Second time he started in Viña del Mar !!

The first thirty minutes of the game did not have a clear chance. The Catholic dominated possession of the ball but did not have the depth. By minute 35 when Carreño took advantage of the ball left in the area after failing Riascos he scored 1-0. Right after Everton drew. Cerato took the penalty kick, crossed over and beat Toselli, Draws 1-1 at half time in Viña.

45 & # 39; + 1 & # 39; First Time Completed! Everton and Universidad Católica equalized 1-1 in Viña del Mar.

45 & # 39; Another one-minute discount will be played at Sausalito Stadium.

44 & # 39; Free throw in three-quarter playground for Everton in Viña del Mar. He comes to the center of the field.

40 & # 39; Head of Riascos who passes !! The center of the right sector and center forward was in the right spot.

37 & # 39; EVERTON GOOOOOOOOOL !! Kerato connects the whole fifth region!

37 & # 39; Penalty for Everton !! Huerta boot for the striker Everton and the referee takes the maximum penalty.

35 & # 39; Carreño scored after a confused game in the area. Riascos stayed behind and the crossed midfielder appeared just to finish in front.


32 & # 39; Everton has so far shown little. The middle range that Toselli blocked in the first few minutes was the only thing the Viñamarino team did offensive.

27 & # 39; The Munder Center that Riascos does not reach to nod. One of the clearest of the first time.

26 & # 39; The Catholic continues to dominate the game in the middle of the field. The middle zone does not find the last pass.

22 & # 39; A Riascosa shooter that has fallen. Católica tries to get the account opened, but the players were not ok in the last third of the field.

18 & # 39; The match still does not have a clear chance for either team. The game stagnates in the tie line.

15 & # 39; Lobos badly ends with a Catholic counter-attack. There were three against the Everton defender, but the cross boss handed Buonanotte an incorrect pass.

14 & # 39; The first yellow match. This is due to Álvaro Ramos because of the lack of Valber Huerta.

10 & # 39; Good coat of Toshiba! Cerato ends off from the middle distance and the goalkeeper is careful to cover.

9 & # 39; Riascos creates an angle. Good choice for the crossbows.

6 & # 39; Everton tries to prevent UC's dominance over the ball. The first approximations of the viñmarino image are generated.

4 & # 39; Crusaders dominate possession of the ball, but they still do not find the depth.

2 & # 39; Both teams play without hesitation and play in their field. The Catholic University was built with possession.

1 & # 39; The match started! Everton and the Universidad Católica are already playing.

Teams are already in the field! The match begins.

The Catholic University will provide alternative training, striving to give the rest of the top starting squad that last week won the Gremio by the H Copa Libertadores group.

Everton was more rested at this meeting, after his match was canceled on the last day as a visit to Cobresal in El Salvador. Look for the triumph for which to climb on the table.

Good afternoon! Be welcome to the coverage of the match that is valid for the 7th National Tournament between Everton and Universidad Católica, to be played at Sausalito Stadium in Viña del Mar.

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