Tuesday , May 18 2021

Everything was known! China Suarez told the truth about his fight with Pampit

María Eugenia "China" Suárez he decided to tell the truth after three years of scandal with which he acted Pampita Ardohain, who accused her of being a culprit for her separation Benjamín Vicuña.

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protagonist Red thread denied these facts in an interview with the Transatlantic media, La Nación, accusing the exercise model violence against her.

The actress talked about her life projects, work and feminist movement which began with colleagues from the Actrices Argentinas collective, where they claim equality of men and women.

In this context, on the question of whether she suffered from an episode of gender violence, Trans-Andean explained that thanks to her parents and her strong character He did not allow men to come to him, but suffered from an attack same sex.

"Time adjusts all the things in their place, me." I have a quiet conscienceI am happy, "said China Suárez.

As such, Suarez recalls the controversy that arose when he began his relationship with Benjamin Vicuña, where he was charged for mixing married to Karolina Pampit Ardohain.

"Do you feel that there was no nursing in the case of your fight with Pampit?", the journalist asked when the actress replied: "In my case it was different because it was a woman's violence against another womanDamn it is a lie. I'll say that to the end of my day. But hey, time adjusts everything in their place, me I have a quiet conscienceI'm happy.

"Everyone knows that Benjamin was separated and the pity he lied so much.", and that the exposed person was confirmed. Those of us who are in there really know that it was not like that, "said the current couple of Chilean actor.

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In this way, the transgender woman denied her responsibility at the end of the relationship between the model and the Chilean, which is a scandal that she has been guilty for years and who has decided to clarify this week.

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