Saturday , January 16 2021

Experts apply new penalties for Chile's 2019 growth rate, with a 3.5% next year rate

Analysts with whom the central bank consulted in the study of economic expectations that responded to November held 4% of their projection of the Chilean economy's growth in 2018, ie a fall of 4% -4.5% of its own issuer in the latest Monetary Policy Report and under 4.1% is estimated by the Treasury.

This is the fifth consecutive month in which the projection remains frozen at 4%.

However, estimates for 2019 experienced a new cut and were at the lowest level since the moment of registration. Experts suggest that GDP will expand at just 3.5%, below the expected 3.7% in October.

With respect to the interest rate, those who consulted the issuer expect to remain at 2.75% at the next meeting, but will increase to 3% in the next. Novelty is coming to the end of 2019, as TPM expects about 3.5%.

The outlook for inflation in 2019 remains anchored at 3%, precisely at the center of the target of the central bank.

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