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Explanation of José Maze on the feelings that produce dizziness

This one July 2 We will have the opportunity to witness one of the most advanced astronomical phenomena in 2019: the solar eclipse to be appreciated in some parts of our country 100%.

And in reviewing this incredible phenomenon,l astronomer and awards for national exact sciences, José Maza, came to the Mesa Central program, on channel 13, to talk about significance for the astronomical study and effects produced by humans eclipse like the one we'll observe on Tuesday.

"This is very important for children, for young people. Approximately 400 years ago, there was no collapse in La Serena ", said the astronomer and added that "In one place on earth, it is repeated every 300 years."

In that sense, Maza explained that "it is important because when the Moon covers the Sun, the outer parts of the Sun, called the Solar Corona, are so much weaker than the photosphere that is normally not seen." The crown must only be seen in the darkness (…) The crown is an interface between the Sun itself and what comes out of where we are. It is very important to study it. "

In that same line, the astronomer described his experience in the complete solar eclipse of 1994, which was observed in Putre. "You are there and you see the sun becomes dark, but it's hot, suddenly the darkness starts to fall, you start to wind and start to cool." Low temperature between 5 and 10 degrees "He broke it

Everyone started screaming, there was wind, it was cold and it was dark. We can not see the stars, but that feeling that raises the hair, one is overwhelmed. It looks like the end of the world, seriously, explained Maza about the feelings that created an astronomical phenomenon like this.

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