Saturday , March 6 2021

Fallout 76: Our beta impressions

My drug Alberto Pinto Zegarra re-cooperates with the other console. This time it was tested beta of Fallout 76, which was available on the first days of November. Without leaving you leave me with your impressions:

Because no one is the secret that is the most popular video game franchise they have some kind of "essence" which is maintained through various movements, and this guarantees them, with some exceptions, a good reception of their fans.

This is something that Bethesda Softworks and its franchise have proved to us fallout, with the added merit of showing that the spell of RPG also has excellent exponents in the West.

I recently tried B.E.T.A. (Application for Early Noise Examination) of Fallout 76, a game that will hit stores on November 14, and my experience left my mind who fallout There are positive things that the series pointed out. But I have to say that I have a few questions about this new bet when creating an access game that affects online experience.

First of all, the game starts with some very colorful kinematics they guard the post-apocalyptic argument of sageand then take you to a rather advanced character creation (to the point where I could create a real-life friend's appearance with a certain degree of patience): everything is loaded in the cloud, as we are in the online game.

Graphics improved compared to Fallout 4, but it all costs: the game occupies more than 90 GB on disk, with the aim of increasing if patches in the future become very frequent (it has just been confirmed that one patch per day will weigh more than 54 GB).

Good thing Fallout 76 it is brings positive things from the previous delivery and corrects some things, since the physics of the game is now more precise and accurate. You also have the option to play in the first or third person, as you wish.

Exceptionally, I say that NPCs are more scattered (if there are, because I could not see it), which makes sense if the game is now online. What's new is that you have a portable workshop which will help you camp and shape your personal base.

finally, I felt like a real lonely survivorbecause the card is very large and I have not seen many online players but that's understandable because we're in the beta version and probably in the world Fallout 76 will be as powerful as the Commonwealth or Las Vegas after the fall of a nuclear bomb.

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