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First impressions of the anthem, the new action RPG of BioWare

Much more than clone Destiny.

Recently, demo Anthem VIP was available, which offered the ability to test this title developed by BioWare, and although the first day had problems with its servers, the other day things went back to normal and it was possible to look at RPG multiplayer action.

For the material presented and the background of the creative study they said that the hymn would be a simple Destiny clone with Mass Effects touches, but thanks to the test I saw that the game was much more than that and actually had its own personality

The demo starts in Fort Tarsis, a mega structure that protects humanity from the dangers of the outside world and acts as the center of activity where you can carry out activities, talk to characters, and launch expeditions that lead us directly to action,


A solid and fun multiplayer action

For starters, Anthem offers a very solid, sleek and entertaining gaming experience that, albeit similar to Destiny and other genres, features its RPG elements that are combined in a natural way thanks to charisma characters, diversity of options and dynamics of dialogue.

The evolution of BioWare works is reflected in this and other parts as in the mechanics of the footage, as while in Mass Effect they feel a little stiff, the anthems feel more natural and equally to others scorers qualities

However, it is best to come up with exoteros called helebards, which makes us feel like we are controlling Iron Man, and that by improving the basic skills of a pilot, we allow flying through scenarios to certain places or even applying combat strategies.

That is, do not believe that you can pass the whole game flying because there is a limit on the propeller's overheating.


Different types of helebards

Interestingly, there are four types of helebards that have very different abilities and can be changed during the game, depending on the situation we are faced with.

In this way, players can choose between the most balanced command, Colossus, which is the strongest and most durable but heavier, the more skilled Interceptor, and Storm that is a kind of wizard with elemental damage attacks. , You can find more details in this connection.

Since the game is of great importance to cooperative multiplayer action, it is ideal for each player to use his helebards skills to work as a team and thus overcome rivals.

Additionally, this exotrage will not be the same for all because it will include extensive personalization options and each player will be able to configure them with adjustments to their preferences.

Visual Spectacle

Another point that attracts an anthem is her graphics, and though she has already spoken downgrade Compared to what I have shown earlier, it seemed to me that the environments seemed spectacular and with great artistic work and lighting.

I personally enjoyed the conflicts in which more enemies appeared on screen because the shots and blasts in combination with the landscape details looked great.


The hymen looks promising

Although I think trying the next demo to check certain things, it seems to me that the anthem is a very promising game because the game is fun and solid.

You will need to see how the campaign is, especially if you have enough to hang up except to check what impact it will have on the fact that it will not include the competitive mode that is generally the most popular in this class of games.

But whatever it is, from the beginning the game is the color that manages to redeem BioWare.

Soon a new demo

If you want, you can check what Anthem offers, as from February 1 to 3, will be an open demo for everyone, pointing out that BioWare has corrected some bugs reported and upgraded servers to avoid repeating the mentioned issues.

As if that was not enough, players who participated in the first test would be compensated for the ability to use 4 types of helebards so that they would undoubtedly be a more complete experience.

The anthem will be available on February 22 in versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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