Sunday , May 16 2021

Frees Tired of UC for Father's Crime: Pointing to Luis Castillo as the "Sacrifice" for the University

The former president addressed a verdict that described his father's murder in detail, questioned the Catholic University and commented on the number of subordinates for auxiliary networks. "Go to the court or the minister of Madrid, either at the Appellate Court or at the Supreme Court and tell the truth." And if they do not want to give it justice, they give it to the government, "he said.

Former President Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle on Sunday sentenced his father, former president Eduardo Frei Montalve, to death. In his view, the Catholic University still has to assume its responsibility. In addition, he assured that, unlike what Christian Democracy and his sister Carmen Frei have been looking for, he is not interested in resigning under-secretary health care, Luis Castilla.

"The case of Luisa Castilla is a typical case to avoid the underlying problem, there is a very high responsibility of the Catholic University," he told Canal 13 Mesa Central.

For Frei, Castillo "It is a sacrificial dumplings for many people, especially for the Catholic University".

Referring to the study house, Frei asked:who once told the country forever because they had hidden everything they did for 30 to 35 years ".

At the same time, the Special Envoy in the Asia-Pacific district accused of having many responsibilities at home, apart from associates and accessories for his father's death.

"All the principals of pathological anatomy, all deans of medicine, the rectors never cooperated". he added.

Likewise, Frei demanded that he be "responsible" to go to the court or to the Minister of Madrid, or to the Appellate Court or the Supreme Court and tell the truth. and if they do not want to surrender to justice they give it to the government. "

The former president also criticized the postponement of JKP after Judge Alexander Alejandro's judgment. "Never, they have never done anything like it," he said.

"Between roommates and midnight, last November, they put their name (from Frei Montalve) in the room. Nobody in the family was invited!

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