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Giorgio Jackson: "If Palma Salamanca is the murderer of Jaime Guzman, he must come to serve his sentence" Informant Tvn


Deputy of the Democratic Revolution, George Jacksontonight he talked about various topics from Matías del Río in the new chapter Informant.

IN Occasionally a parliamentarian and former student leaders referred to the situation in France's former frontist Ricardo Palma Salamanca; news about Frente Amplio; a pension reform announced by President Sebastian Piñer and his intention to withdraw from parliament after his second mandate currently in office.

After the disturbance caused by the discovery of the deputy Gabrijel Borić As for the meeting held in France with the author of Senate Jaime Guzman's crime, Jackson quickly explained that, in his view, "talking to somebody does not make you a companion in any situation we wanted to suggest."

Deputy Jackson and Boric with Palom Salamancom: "It made the same change when UDI visited Pinochet in London"

Deputy RD analyzed the collisions following a visit to the former leader convicted of the murder of Jaime Guzman.

Former President Feuc said that the "atmosphere was tightened" as a result of this fact, but stressed that Boric's act is not a violation of the separation of powers of the state. In this context cited an example of Augusta Pinochet when he was arrested in London (England), pointing out that our country's efforts and supporters of the dictator to return to Chile were a sign that "there was no separation of the state".

In addition, he defended Borić, stating that his meeting with Pal Salamancom was not a representative of state power. "Knowing Gabriel, I know he is very interested in knowing the trial process," is his explanation of what has happened.

Giorgio Jackson on Asylum Palme Salamanca: "If he is a murderer, he must obviously be returned to serve a sentence"

Parliamentarian Frente Amplio referred to an anti-French asylum suspect former leader convicted for the murder of Jaime Guzman.

Finally, he noted that "what is worrying when seeking extradition from Salamander Palaman is that France questions the Chilean state's ability to conduct a just process". Of course, he emphasized that "in the case of Jaime Guzman, however, contrary to my legacy, the person who had to respect him".

In addition, he assured him that, in his opinion, "if Palma Salamanca is a murderer, it is obvious that he must come to serve the sentence," but he claims that it must be determined at trial.


With regard to the defense of the Venezuelan regime by Íñigo Errejón, one of the most powerful faces of the Spanish "Podemosa" and the inspiration of the wider front of our country, Jackson did not hesitate to say that he disagreed with his praise because of the condition of the country led by Nicolás Maduro.

Giorgio Jackson: "The situation in Venezuela is dramatic"

Parliamentarian of the Democratic Revolution warned of the current situation in Venezuela.

"The situation in Venezuela is a dramatic situation," said the deputy, who also stated that he was not exactly "taking over positions drenched in the" cold war "dichotomy." Otherwise, he said that as a politician was exposed to "the thousands of contradictions in discourse".


Jackson, who has been advancing in recent days to not back the government's pension reform initiative, has again criticized and described it as something other than "parametric change."

According to RD leaders, "one of the biggest problems is that he does not recognize the urgency that older adults have today". He said that "the reform will be in the regime for 40 years, President Pisco offers a 50-year solution".

Deputy Giorgio Jackson: "Our ideal retirement system is to do tripartite"

Parliamentarian of the Democratic Revolution criticized the pension reform presented by the government.

As part of the solution, he stated that "we in the FA believe in the distribution pillar Our proposal has voluntary individual savings Our ideal retirement system is to make tripartite."


Jackson also had words to address his personal situation in relation to his intention not to return to his third term at the House despite being re-elected at the last elections by the first national majority.

"This is the political decision I made when I started my candidacy, that's a political decision," he explained. Despite this, he said that this decision does not mean withdrawal from politics.

In fact, he said that "all candidates for Frente Amplio committed only two periods".

Giorgio Jackson: "All candidates in F.A committed themselves to just two periods"

Parliamentarian Frente Amplio warned of the future of his party and his deputy.

To the future of broad-band leaders and emerging new leaders, Jackson avoided deepening by saying "it's good to have multiple names in the broad front". Many people have an important role that is part of the collective ".

Despite the above, she admitted that "we miss more leadership within Frente Amplio, Beatriz Sánchez is a leader, I have a lot of confidence in what she can do".

Regarding the disadvantages of his political conglomerate, he stated that "our greatest failure, so far, has no new internal democracy". Of course, he emphasized that "the media give us a raise of three degrees more."

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