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Google would also collect information about iOS using tools offered by Apple for the sole purpose of using the company

Now, not only Facebook collects iOS data it looks like Google.

Just a few hours ago, it was discovered that Mark Zuckerberg paid young people to install VPN on their iPhone that spied on their data. Faced with this, Apple abolished the permissions and blocked the internal versions of the Facebook application since it was inappropriately used for a company-friendly business certificate that Facebook used to evade the Store app rules, which explicitly prohibits spying and tracking the activities of its users. Well, it does Google would do the same.

According to TechCrunch, Google would distribute an application called "Screenwise Meter," which uses the same business certificate that Apple offers companies to internally test their applications. What worries about it is that & Quot; Screenwise Meter & # 39; would also have been designed to collect data from iOS users by avoiding App Store rules.

Apple has a fat problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible

According to the information, & Quot; Screenwise Meter & # 39; is active since 2012 and the installation requires a private call explaining the method, based on the iOS Business Certificate. Participants may be people over the age of 18, although only 13 years of age can participate, as long as they are part of a family group.

& Quot; Screenwise Meter & # 39; is the application that would be designed to gather information about using the Internet on iOS devices, mostly iPhone, which would include details of the time of visit to the site both by the browser users and the applications installed on the phone.

Users who agree to install the app and share all their traffic and private data with Google, they would receive a gift cardIn fact, the app is part of the "Google Opinion Rewards" program, which offers people prizes for installing tracking and monitoring software on their smartphones, web browsers, routers, and TVs. There is even a video that explains how it works:

It is believed that people who allow installing this type of application are not really aware of the scope and potential risks, so companies are using this ignorance to use it through financial rewards. But if we add the use of a business certificate to circumvent policies and check the App Store, then it's like companies like Facebook, and now Google finds business niches.

The fact is that Google, according to Apple and App Store rules, abuses business certificate, which allows access to private iOS users information. That is, just like Facebook. So, Apple will also be in a position to abolish Google's licenses to use this company tool.

On the other hand, Apple has a serious problem as it has confirmed that there is no way to review applications that are used through a business certificate and that it is theoretically intended for internal testing. Today we see that this is not so there may be more companies that exploit this "vulnerability" outside of Facebook and Google.

Google Paying Users

We contacted Apple and Google to learn more about this app and about using a business certificate in end-users. We will update the entry when we receive the response or more information.

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